Your Complete Guide to Making CBD Tinctures

Cannabis can be used in many forms. While many people choose to simply smoke weed, others prefer stronger products such as Edibles, Concentrates, or even Tinctures. Tinctures are oil-based products that can be used simply by applying a small dose under your tongue and absorbing the cannabinoids. If you want a non-psychoactive liquid product, you can even try making CBD Tinctures.

CBD Tinctures are perfect for users who want to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC. CBD doesn’t get you high, but it’s still one of the most important compounds found in cannabis. Many people now use CBD to help with issues such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, seizures, and many more. Plus, it’s discreet, easy-to-use, and you can even use it in various ways.

You can simply buy CBD Tinctures online, but making it yourself is a fun project that gives you more customizability. You can make your Tinctures as weak or strong as you want and even add the flavorings you prefer. Plus, you can make as much as you want so you have plenty of CBD Tincture ready to use whenever you need it. Here’s your complete guide to making CBD Tinctures.ftinctufti

What Are CBD Tinctures?

When most people think of cannabis, they probably think of the euphoric and psychoactive effects of THC. THC is the sole chemical compound in marijuana that makes you high, giving you all kinds of strong mental and physical effects. However, it’s not the only cannabinoid. Many people nowadays are starting to use CBD instead.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s often used for medical purposes. While it doesn’t get you high, many users find that using CBD is relaxing and refreshing. It’s much more subtle and you might not feel anything at all when you use CBD, but research suggests that it can be helpful without giving you negative side effects.

You can now use CBD in many forms, from CBD Capsules to CBD Topicals. However, CBD Tinctures are arguably the most popular and commonly used type of CBD products. Just like THC Tinctures, CBD Tinctures are liquid products that come in a bottle with a dropper. You can simply measure the dose of CBD you want, apply it under your tongue, and hold it there for a minute or two to absorb the cannabinoids.

Alternatively, you can also use CBD Tinctures in other ways. It mixes well with liquids, making it ideal for adding a kick of CBD to your tea, coffee, or even smoothies and cocktails. It can also be sprinkled on foods. Whichever way, it offers a highly effective and convenient way to consume cannabidiol.

Why You Should Make CBD Tincture

Why You Should Make CBD Tincture

It’s not hard to get your hands on CBD Tincture if you want to try it out. Not only are CBD products now available in cannabis stores and even health stores, but you can also buy CBD Tincture online if you want to test it out. However, with that said, many cannabis users are highly creative and curious and might want to try making CBD Tinctures at home.

The process of making CBD Tincture isn’t that difficult. Although you’ll have to buy a few ingredients and the process can take some time, you’ll find it relatively easy to make homemade CBD Tincture. There are multiple ways to make it and you’ll end up with a good batch of CBD Tincture to use however you want.

One of the advantages of making CBD Tincture at home is that you can customize it however you want. If you want your CBD Tincture to be stronger, you can add more hemp. If you want it to be weaker, that’s not a problem either. You can even enhance your homemade CBD Tinctures with whatever flavorings you want to make them more enjoyable to use.

On top of all that, you might find that making CBD Tinctures is cost-effective and simply satisfies your curiosity. It’s a rewarding D.I.Y. project that you can easily test out and, once you have the ingredients, all you’ll need are some basic pieces of equipment that you most likely have in your home already.

What You Need To Make CBD Tinctures

While the process of making CBD Tinctures at home is straightforward enough for anyone, you’re going to need a few things first. Making CBD Tincture involves binding CBD with a carrier oil. CBD can be extracted from Cannabis or Hemp, and Coconut Oil or MCT Oil are usually the best options for carrier oils. You can also add flavorings if you like.

Some strains of cannabis are particularly high in CBD. As such, these can be decarboxylated and used to make CBD Tincture. However, high-CBD, low-THC strains are hard to come across, and, in most cases, you’ll end up with Tinctures that contain more THC than CBD.

The best option for making CBD Tincture is to use Hemp Flower. Hemp Flower can be found in many hemp stores or online. The benefit of using hemp is that it contains high levels of CBD with only trace levels of THC. As such, you can make Tinctures that give you the benefits of cannabidiol without the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

Making CBD Tincture involves decarboxylating your hemp or cannabis to activate the cannabinoids. You can then bind the cannabinoids to a fat-based ingredient. Coconut Oil or MCT Oil is the best option. These bind with CBD well and also make it particularly easy to absorb into the body. Coconut Oil is high in healthy fatty acids and MCT Oil is a byproduct of Coconut Oil that’s high in Medium Chain Triglycerides.

Adding flavorings to your CBD Tinctures is optional. But if you want to, you have a few ways to do it. Essential oils such as Peppermint, Lavender, or Lemon can be used to add some extra flavor to your Tinctures. You can also use a few drops of Flavor Concentrates if you prefer. It’s easy to add flavorings and you can do this after making your CBD Tinctures.

The equipment you’ll need depends on how you choose to make your CBD Tinctures. The easiest method is the oil method- this doesn’t require much more than your ingredients, a double boiler, and a container for storing your CBD Tincture. If you want to make CBD Tincture with the alcohol method, you’ll need some high-proof alcohol such as 99.5% ethanol.

Decarboxylating Your Hemp Flower

Decarboxylating Your Hemp Flower

The process of making CBD Tinctures involves infusing CBD into a fat-based ingredient such as Coconut Oil or MCT Oil. You can either use Hemp Flower or a high-CBD strain of cannabis. However, whichever you use, you’ll need to decarboxylate your product to activate the CBD before you bind it with your oil.

Decarboxylation involves heating your hemp or cannabis to activate the cannabinoids inside. Without decarboxylation, the cannabinoids won’t be active, so your CBD Tincture will be ineffective. As such, this process is essential, and fortunately, it isn’t too hard to carry out.

Preheat your oven to 220°F and line a baking tray with parchment paper. If you’re decarboxylating cannabis rather than Hemp Flower, you might want to use a higher temperature of 245°F. Spread your hemp or cannabis buds across your baking tray and, once the oven is hot, place the tray in the oven.

If you’re decarboxylating hemp, leave the tray in the oven for 90-120 minutes while shaking it occasionally. If you’re decarboxylating cannabis, the process only takes around 30-40 minutes. Once ready, take the tray out of the oven and leave on the side to cool. You can now make CBD Tincture.

How To Make CBD Tinctures With Oil

There’s a couple of easy and effective ways to make CBD Tinctures at home, but the best for beginners is the oil method. This method can be carried out with a double boiler, some decarboxylated hemp (you can also use cannabis), and some Coconut Oil or MCT Oil. You’ll also want some containers for storing the finished product.

Start by placing a double boiler on medium heat. If you don’t have a regular double boiler, you can create one by putting a glass cooking bowl inside a saucepan filled with hot water. Allow the water to reach a simmer without boiling.

Grind your Hemp Flower and add it to the top part of your double boiler along with your Coconut Oil or MCT Oil. How much you should use depends on how much CBD Tincture you want to make- it’s best to use 16oz of oil for every ounce of Hemp Flower you use. Cover the hemp in oil thoroughly.

With the oil and hemp combined, leave the mixture to simmer at low heat for 2-3 hours. This will cause the CBD from your hemp to bind to the fats in your carrier oil, giving you CBD Tincture. It’s important to keep the low heat as high temperatures can degrade your CBD. After allowing it to simmer for a few hours, get ready to extract your CBD Tincture.

You’ll know your tincture is ready when your hemp starts to turn brownish-green. At this point, you can strain it into a sealable glass container such as a Mason jar using a cheesecloth or strainer. Let all the oil through and squeeze the hemp to drain any excess oil. Once it’s cool, you can seal the container and place it in a cool, dry place.

How To Make CBD Tinctures With Alcohol

How To Make CBD Tinctures With Alcohol

If you want an alternative to the oil method, you can also make CBD Tinctures with alcohol. You’ll need to use high-proof alcohol for this such as 99.5% ethanol. Make sure you’re using food-quality ethanol for this, as some ethanol products have harmful contaminants that will make your CBD Tincture unsafe.

This process is fairly straightforward. Start by grinding your decarboxylated hemp flower and adding it to a ceramic or glass bowl. Cover the hemp with your ethanol and stir the ingredients together for 6 minutes or so. The alcohol will bring the CBD out of the hemp, and you can use a spoon to extract any resin from the bowl.

Once you’ve extracted enough CBD, you can use a sieve or straining bag to separate the liquid from the hemp. This will help filter out solvents while extracting the oil. You can repeat the straining process a few times to extract more oil.

Next, place some water in a double boiler. It’s important to use a low heat- you want the water to reach a simmer without boiling. Once it’s simmering, add your extracted oil to the top part of the double boiler. The heat will purge the alcohol from your mixture, leaving you with CBD Tincture.

Once you’ve purged the alcohol, you can strain the remaining oil into a sealable glass container such as a Mason jar. Your CBD Tincture is now ready- seal the container in a cool, dry place until you want to use it.

Where To Buy CBD Tinctures

While making CBD Tinctures is a rewarding D.I.Y. project, not everyone wants to go through the process of making it. Fortunately, you don’t have to. If you’re not interested in making CBD Tinctures at home, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on it.

CBD Tincture can now be found in all kinds of stores, from dedicated hemp stores to cannabis stores and even some grocery stores. However, the best way to get high-quality CBD Tincture is to buy it online.

You can buy CBD Tinctures online from CanadaCannabisDispensary. Various types and brands are available, and all of these can work effectively. If you want to try something a little different, other CBD products are also available, such as Topicals, Edibles, and Vapes.

Where To Buy CBD Tinctures


If you’re up for the project, making CBD Tinctures at home is surprisingly easy. You can decarboxylate Hemp or Cannabis Flower and either bind it with Coconut Oil or extract the CBD using alcohol. Whichever way, you’ll end up with some satisfying CBD Tincture to use sublingually or add to foods and drinks. Alternatively, you can simply buy CBD Tincture along with various other CBD and cannabis products at CanadaCannabisDispensary.

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