Your Complete Guide: Live Resin vs Shatter

Anyone who enjoys the sensational effects of THC should try cannabis concentrates. These are products that have been made by extracting the most potent and important parts of the plant, resulting in extracts that contain exceptionally high levels of THC and terpenes. There are many types of concentrates, with two of the most popular being Live Resin and Shatter. So Live Resin vs. Shatter- which is better?

Live Resin and Shatter are both potent weed extracts that are sure to give you powerful effects. However, there are some key differences in the way they’re made, their consistency, and the kind of experience they’ll give you. As such, some users may prefer using one over the other. Here’s a guide to Live Resin vs. Shatter and which one is better for you.

What Is Live Resin?

As far as cannabis concentrates go, Live Resin is one of the most interesting and flavorful types you can find. Most cannabis concentrates are made by dousing dried and cured weed with solvents such as butane before purging and purifying the resulting extracts. While Live Resin uses the same extraction process, it involves using flash-frozen cannabis buds.

Instead of drying and curing Cannabis Flower buds before extraction, making Live Resin requires that the Cannabis Flower that’s used is frozen as soon as it’s harvested. It’s kept frozen throughout the extraction process, and special equipment is used to blast it with butane and purge the extracts while keeping the buds frozen.

The reason the buds are flash-frozen is to retain the terpenes inside. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in cannabis buds that contribute to their unique aroma and flavor. As such, Live Resin extracts are much more flavorful than other types of cannabis extracts while also offering high levels of cannabinoids such as THC.

What Is Live Resin

What Is Shatter?

Shatter is one of the most popular types of cannabis concentrates. It gets its name from its hard, glass-like form. Applying pressure to a piece of Shatter will cause it to shatter like glass, although it can also be melted into an oil-like form to make it easier to use.

Like many other types of cannabis concentrates, Shatter is usually made by blasting cannabis buds with butane, causing the trichomes to separate from the rest of the plant matter. These extracts are then purged at high heat to dissolve the butane and remove other impurities, resulting in a pure, high-THC product.

There are a couple of important differences in the extraction process that separate Shatter from other types of cannabis concentrates. Ultra-low temperatures are used during the purging process and the extracts are then left alone as opposed to being stirred or whipped. This is what results in Shatter’s unique, glass-like form.

Live Resin vs. Shatter: Which Is Better?

If you’re looking for a high-THC product, Live Resin and Shatter are both excellent options. Both of these types of extracts are packed with plenty of THC and both are sure to give you a good high. However, if you’re unsure about which one to use, there are a few important factors that separate them.

Since Live Resin is made with flash-frozen buds, it contains much higher levels of terpenes than other types of cannabis concentrates- including Shatter. Cannabis users who want to experience the full flavor of their favorite strains should use Live Resin, whereas those who are solely concerned with high THC levels may prefer Shatter.

They also differ in form. Shatter is hard and glass-like, although it can be melted into a more oil-like form. Live Resin can vary in its consistency but is generally more runny and malleable than Shatter. If you prefer a more solid and stable extract, Shatter is perfect for you. If you prefer a soft extract that’s easy to scoop, you’ll likely prefer Live Resin.

Both of these types of cannabis concentrates are available in various strains and, if you enjoy the effects of THC, it’s worth trying both. What’s more, both Shatter and Live Resin can be used in various ways.

How To Use Live Resin or Shatter

How To Use Live Resin or Shatter

Whether you prefer to use Live Resin or Shatter, you have plenty of options when it comes to how to use them. You can mix them with weed for smoking purposes or use them with a vaporizer or dab rig for stronger effects. Here are the most common ways to use Live Resin and Shatter.

Smoking – You can smoke Live Resin or Shatter, but you’ll need to mix them with weed first. This allows the extracts to burn smoothly, as opposed to sticking to your bowl or rolling papers. To use them in a joint, add your weed first before adding dabs of Live Resin or melted Shatter. You can also add them to the bowl of your Pipe or Bong on top of a generous amount of weed.

Vaping – Vaping is arguably the best way to enjoy Live Resin or Shatter. This will bring out the full flavor of your extracts while also giving you potent effects. You’ll need a compatible device, such as a Concentrate Vaporizer or Dab Pen. Using one is usually as simple as adding a dab of your chosen extract to the coil, applying your desired settings, and turning your device on to enjoy the smooth inhalable vapor.

Dabbing – If you’re an experienced cannabis user, you might want to use Live Resin or Shatter with a Dab Rig. This involves heating the nail of your Dab Rig to a high temperature before applying a small dab of your chosen product. Your dab will vaporize instantly and you can then take a hit from the mouthpiece. Even a single dab hit can produce extremely strong effects, so be cautious.


Live Resin and Shatter are both powerful cannabis extracts with high levels of THC. Those who prefer flavorful extracts will prefer Live Resin thanks to its high levels of terpenes, whereas those who want high THC levels in a rigid and stable form will likely prefer Shatter. Fortunately, you can find both along with plenty of other high-quality cannabis products at Canada Cannabis Dispensary.

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