Why Does Marijuana Cause the Munchies?

Marijuana has a wide range of effects on your body and brain when consumed. It can boost your senses, relieve your pain, make you sleepy, and put you in a euphoric state of mind. However, one of the most common side effects that every marijuana user is likely to experience is the munchies.

“The munchies” is the slang term for the distinct spike in your appetite that marijuana can cause. It usually kicks in an hour or two after getting high and you’re going to want some tasty snacks nearby when it does. However, it’s not necessarily a bad thing and can even be beneficial. So why does marijuana cause the munchies? Here’s what you should know.

The Munchies: What Are They?

“The munchies” is the term used to refer to one of the most common side effects of marijuana use. Shortly after smoking, vaping or using marijuana in other ways, you’ll feel an intense increase in your appetite. This is why smoking weed is often associated with eating cereal or junk food- sometimes you just need something to satisfy your hunger.

Different users experience the munchies to differing extents. Some users may get the munchies as soon as they smoke whereas others might feel it shortly after their high wears off. It can also depend on the particular strain of marijuana you use. However, this increase in appetite is very common in marijuana users and not just a placebo effect.

While some users might see the munchies as inconvenient, it’s not necessarily a negative effect. Many medical marijuana users even use marijuana to help increase their appetite. A study on cancer patients found that marijuana helped increase their appetite and made food more enjoyable. It’s also helpful for other conditions with symptoms of appetite loss and eating disorders.

What Are Munchies

Why Does Marijuana Cause The Munchies?

You’ll often hear marijuana users talk about the munchies and might think the increase in appetite associated with weed is just a coincidence or a placebo effect. However, research has shown that there’s scientific backing for why users often feel hungrier after using marijuana.

When you consume marijuana in any form, you absorb THC (along with other cannabinoids) into your system. THC is a psychoactive chemical that has various effects on your body and brain, hence why you often feel happy, euphoric, and relaxed when you use marijuana.

One of the effects THC can have on your body is increasing ghrelin and leptin levels. These hormones are known to induce hunger, hence why you often feel exceptionally hungry after consuming THC. Marijuana is also known to help with digestive disorders, suggesting it can have a positive impact on your metabolism and digestion.

Marijuana’s effects on the brain may also contribute to hunger. A study from Yale on mice found that marijuana activated the appetite center of the brain, therefore increasing hunger. Another study found that marijuana can increase food intake as it can make food smell and taste better.

How Can You Avoid The Munchies?

If you’re a regular weed smoker, you’ll likely experience the munchies at some point. An increase in hunger is one of the most common side effects of marijuana. While it can help users who want to avoid appetite loss, some other users may find it inconvenient.

One way to avoid the munchies is to simply eat a lot before you smoke. While you might still experience an increase in hunger after smoking, it’s likely to be less intense if you’ve recently eaten. You may also want to time your marijuana use so it’s close to your bedtime. That way, you can sleep and wake up to a hearty breakfast in the morning.

You might also want to try different strains. Each strain of weed has different effects and some are more known for inducing hunger than others. While it can be hard to know what to expect from each strain when you buy in-store, buying weed online lets you see product descriptions so you can find the perfect strain to suit you.

Marijuana comes in many forms, but as long as you consume THC, there’s still a good likelihood you’ll experience the munchies. That means that even if you use weed edibles, you could still feel hungry later. CBD products are less likely to make you hungry, but they don’t make you high either.

Will The Munchies Make Me Gain Weight

Will The Munchies Make Me Gain Weight?

One of the main concerns for marijuana users when it comes to the munchies is whether it’ll make them gain weight. However, while you might find the munchies inconvenient, the good news is that many studies show that marijuana might even help you lose weight.

Various surveys show that, while marijuana may increase your appetite, it doesn’t necessarily make you gain weight. In contrast, marijuana use is linked to lower rates of obesity. A study on Inuit adults even found that marijuana was linked to lower BMI, lower rates of fat mass, and lower fasting insulin.

Research even suggests that marijuana use may reduce the risk of diabetes as it helps with insulin regulation. All of these findings suggest that marijuana can positively impact your metabolism and digestive health.

With that said, it’s important to avoid eating too much when you’re high. If you’re worried about losing weight, then you might want to keep some healthy snacks on hand for when you have the munchies. Things like nuts, unsweetened popcorn, and fruits all make for great healthy snacks that can be both filling and tasty.


No matter how you use marijuana, the munchies are inevitable. THC causes an increase in hunger hormones as well as heightening your senses to make food both smell and taste better. As such, you can expect to find food much more appealing after using weed.

Fortunately, the munchies won’t cause too much harm. Many users find the appetite increase beneficial, and studies suggest marijuana use won’t make you gain weight. However, you may still want to keep some healthy snacks nearby during a smoking session. You might also want to try using a different strain of marijuana. You can find many options online at CanadaCannabisDispensary.co.

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