What To Do If Your Cannabis Edibles Melt?

Edibles are mainly products that contain CBD or THC that you can eat or drink. They come in many different delectable forms:

  • Baked goods
  • Candies
  • Gummies
  • Chocolates
  • Beverages

Research has shown that edibles are one of the most popular ways to consume weed. They can be carried around as one travels from place to place, determining the dosage is easy, they are inexpensive, and lastly, they are delicious! Unfortunately, there is one main challenge with gummies and chocolates; they are prone to melting when not kept at the appropriate temperature.

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When Will Edibles Melt?

Edibles will melt when they reach a temperature of 90°F/ 30°C. This can occur under two circumstances:

  1. In areas with high temperatures.
  2. Gummies and chocolates are kept in pockets or bags for an extended period.

This can be quite an unfortunate occurrence, but do not fret; there is a way you can return your edibles to the state they were in (almost). This will prevent the wastage of good products and money. 

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Will it Affect Their Potency?

Melted edibles will maintain the THC and CBD level and are still safe to eat. The main problem is that when your edibles melt, you will not know the consistent dosage required per edible. The THC/CBD and the chocolate size will not be precise.


What You Can do to Avoid Melted Edibles

  1. Take the melted edibles and transfer them to a non-stick bowl or baking sheet and mix it thoroughly. Combining the melted edibles ensures that the THC/CBD is evenly distributed.
  2. During the mixing process, you should add sugar. This will effectively absorb any unwanted moisture from your edibles, helping to keep them fresh.
  3. Divide the congealed edibles by cutting them into their original position sizes to keep the THC and CBD content similar to the original content.
  4. Find a cool and preferably dark location to store your edibles. Keep them cool. A fridge will be perfect.
  5. Find a lockable airtight container – for the safety of kids
  6. Individually wrap soft candies and chocolate in foil.
  7. Avoid leaving your edibles in your car.



Melted edibles do not come with any effects and are safe to eat; however, they will affect your dosage. It’s essential to ensure your edibles are not exposed to high temperatures and if by mistake they do, utilize the steps highlighted above. 


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