What THC-infused Edibles are Most Popular?

If you enjoy the effects of marijuana and want something even more powerful, then cannabis edibles are perfect for you. Edibles are THC-infused food products that give you some of the best highs possible. Edibles can take an hour or two to kick in, but when they do, the high can last for anywhere from 4 to 12 hours. The effects are also much stronger than other methods of consumption.

When it comes to buying Edibles, you have tons of choices. Some users may prefer fruity THC Gummies whereas others might enjoy the taste of THC Cookies. But what THC-infused Edibles are most popular? Here are some of the best marijuana edibles you can buy.

1. Ed n’ Bill’s Gummy Candy Edibles

If you’re looking for THC-infused gummies that taste good and get you super high, it doesn’t get much better than Ed n’ Bills Gummy Candy Edibles. Ed n’ Bills offer some of the most popular and well-loved edibles in Canada, and these mouthwatering candies are a perfect example.

These edibles take after many of the most popular types of candies. You can choose between THC-infused Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, Sour Soothers, Sour Blue Berries, Sour Peaches, Sour Patch Kids, Peach Rings, Wild Strawberries, Cherry Slices, and Orange Pop Bottles.

Each pack contains a whopping 200mg of THC, split into 20 servings of 10mg. Just one is enough for powerful effects, but you can take two or even split them into smaller doses if you prefer to microdose with edibles.

Buy Ed n’ Bill’s Gummy Candy Edibles

Ed n Bills Gummy Candy Edibles

2. Treat Leaf Edibles Candy Bags

Treat Leaf is another top brand with some of the best THC edibles you can buy. These sugary candies are packed with THC as well as some delicious fruit flavors.

Each pack contains 9 square gummies with each one containing 40mg. As such, you get 360mg in a single pack, and you can always split the gummies up into smaller servings as you please. There are also three flavors in each pack- Sour Grape, Sour Watermelon, and Sour Blue Raspberry.

Other options from Treat Leaf are also available. If you want more THC, you can try out the Treat Leaf Edibles Extra 80mg Candy Bags. If you’d prefer to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC, you can also buy Treat Leaf CBD Candy Bags.

Buy Treat Leaf Edibles Candy Bags

3. Munchin Edibles THC Chocolate Chip Cookie

Not a big fan of gummies? No worries- baked goods are another delicious and potent option when it comes to THC-infused edibles. For example, these THC Chocolate Chip Cookies from Munchin Edibles are one of the most popular marijuana edibles you can buy.

These cookies are chewy, crispy, and loaded with delectable chocolate chips. Each cookie is also packed with 50mg of THC. While the dose might be a little high for beginner users, it’s easy to split it up into small pieces to get a manageable dose of THC.

A 50mg Chocolate Chip Cookie costs only $7.00, giving you incredible value for your money. You can also try out the Munchin Edibles THC Double Chocolate Chip Cookies if you want some extra chocolate flavor.

Buy Munchin Edibles THC Chocolate Chip Cookie

Munchin Edibles THC Chocolate Chip Cookie

4. Munchin Edibles THC Milk Chocolate Brownie

Cookies aren’t your only option when it comes to baked THC edibles. If you want something extra chocolatey, then the THC Milk Chocolate Brownie from Munchin Edibles is the perfect edible for you.

These brownies are delicious, giving you the usual soft, moist texture and rich chocolate taste you’d expect from a regular brownie. The only difference is each brownie also comes with a dose of 50mg of THC. It’s best to split it up to get a moderate serving.

It’s hard not to enjoy this delicious THC-infused brownie. It tastes good, feels good, and at only $8.00 for one 50mg brownie, you might want to buy a few to make them last.

Buy Munchin Edibles THC Milk Chocolate Brownie

5. Eddies Gummy Candy Edibles

Another one of the most popular THC-infused edibles on the market is the Gummy Candy Edibles from Eddies Edibles. These tasty packs of THC gummies come in many great options to suit every user’s needs.

Each pack of these cannabis-infused candies contains 10 pieces, each containing 20mg of THC for a total of 200mg THC. You can also choose between indica or sativa edibles depending on the kind of effects you want.

You also get two different flavors in each pack. Indica packs contain 5 Cherry Slices and 5 Coke Bottles. Sativa packs contain 5 Sour Watermelons and 5 Grapefruits. All of these taste great and give you a potent dose of THC.

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Eddies Gummy Candy Edibles

6. Munchin Edibles THC Oreo Rice Krispies Square

If you love the taste of Rice Krispies Squares and the effects of THC, these sensational THC Oreo Rice Krispies Squares are the best THC edibles for you.

Each square contains 50mg of THC, but it’s easy to split up into small pieces for a more manageable dose. It also contains marshmallows, vanilla extract, and Oreo cookie bits to make for a great-tasting snack.

At just $8.00 for each 50mg square, they also give you amazing value for your money. You can also try out the Smarties Rice Krispies Square or the Reese’s Pieces Rice Krispies Square. All of these are just as cheap as one another, so you might want to buy a few.

Buy Munchin Edibles THC Oreo Rice Krispies Square

7. Keyy Cards Liquid Shots

While there are many tasty THC-infused snacks, you can also try THC-infused drinks. These work just like edibles, only they come in drinkable form.

For delicious and flavorful THC drinks, try out the Keyy Cards Liquid Shots. You can add these convenient snap packs to any kind of hot or cold beverage for a tasty THC-packed drink.

The Keyy Cards Liquid Shots are available in two options. The Orange Tangerine Dream flavor comes with 30mg of THC. If you’re not looking to get high, you can also try the Orange Punch CBD flavor. Either way, each pack costs just $5.00.

Buy Keyy Cards Liquid Shots

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