What Is Live Resin? Is it Actually ‘Alive’? Your Ultimate Guide

One of the best things about using cannabis is that if one method of consumption doesn’t suit your needs, there are always other options. For instance, while some users find that simply smoking Cannabis Flower gives them a satisfying high, others prefer to use stronger products such as Cannabis Concentrates. And when it comes to concentrates, Live Resin is one of the best options. So what is Live Resin?

Live Resin is an interesting type of cannabis extract that’s made with flash-frozen cannabis. Thanks to its unique method of extraction, it contains a high level of terpenes along with a generous serving of THC. As such, it’s one of the strongest and most flavorful types of cannabis concentrates you can use. Here’s a guide to Live Resin, how it’s made, how you can use it, and where you can buy it.

What Is Live Resin?

Live Resin is a type of cannabis concentrate with high levels of terpenes and cannabinoids. While it can vary in its consistency, it usually looks sugary or battery with a dark yellow or amber hue. As far as cannabis extracts go, it’s fairly malleable and easy to scoop up, making it easy to add to a joint or bowl or apply to a Vaporizer or Dab Rig.

The name of Live Resin often raises questions. While it’s not actually alive, it’s made using fresh cannabis plant material that’s flash-frozen as soon as it’s harvested. As such, Live Resin extracts retain tons of fresh terpenoids and cannabinoids, which are then activated to ensure you’ll get flavorful hits and an incredible high whenever you use it.

Since the extraction process used to make Live Resin is quite complicated, it’s not a concentrate you should attempt to make yourself. However, it’s now easy to buy Live Resin online or in cannabis stores. Although there are plenty of cannabis extracts worth trying, Live Resin is one of the best as it provides a particularly flavorful experience and potent effects.

Why Should You Use Live Resin

Why Should You Use Live Resin?

Whether you enjoy experimenting with the most powerful cannabis extracts or you simply want to try something different from smoking weed, using Live Resin is a great option. For one, Live Resin has high levels of THC- usually between 65-95%. Since Cannabis Flower usually contains around 15-25% THC at most, you can expect stronger effects from Live Resin even when you only use a small dab.

Live Resin is also exceptionally flavorful- even more so than other cannabis extracts. This is due to the unique extraction process that involves flash-freezing fresh cannabis to retain its flavor profile. As such, Live Resin extracts retain the full flavor profile of the weed they’re extracted from, meaning they’ll have alluring aromas and sensational tastes when you smoke or vape them.

Another perk of using Live Resin is that you have various options when it comes to how to use it. One option is to add a small dose of Live Resin to a joint or bowl of weed. This is an easy and straightforward way to test the effects without using too much. To experience the full extent of its strength and flavor, you can also vape or dab Live Resin for a sensational high.

How To Smoke Live Resin

If you want to try Live Resin, then one of the easiest ways to use it is to add some to a joint or bowl. While trying to use it by itself will result in it sticking to the paper or bowl, mixing it with weed will allow it to burn smoothly and evenly, giving you the effects of both your weed and your Live Resin when you inhale.

To smoke Live Resin in a joint, start by rolling a joint of weed as you usually would. You might want to use slightly less than usual to leave some room for the Live Resin. After adding your weed, add a few dabs of Live resin to the top or make a line going down the middle before sealing your joint. This will enhance the strength of your joint significantly, so don’t smoke too much.

Alternatively, you can fill the bowl of your Pipe, Bong, or another smoking device with weed before adding a few dabs of Live Resin to the top of the bowl. As your weed burns, the Live Resin will burn with it, resulting in extra-strong hits. While smoking Live Resin isn’t quite as strong as vaping or dabbing it, this is still a great way to test the effects of Live Resin extracts.

How To Smoke Live Resin

How To Vape/Dab Live Resin

Vaping is usually the most popular method of consumption for Live Resin. Not only does it allow you to experience the full extent of Live Resin’s exquisite flavor profiles, but you’ll also feel the full extent of the THC and other cannabinoids in your Live Resin extracts.

To Vape Live Resin, you’ll need a compatible Vaporizer or Vape Pen. Make sure you get a Vaporizer that’s compatible with Cannabis Concentrates or dabs. Once you have your device, simply add a dab of Live Resin to the chamber and power your device on. It’ll heat your Live Resin to produce thick, inhalable vapor full of flavor and THC.

Alternatively, you can also try dabbing Live Resin. This involves using a Dab Rig- a device with a Quartz or Titanium nail capable of withstanding incredibly high heat. You can heat the nail with a dab torch until it’s blazing hot and then apply a dab of Live Resin for instant vaporization, allowing you to take a hit from the mouthpiece. Dab hits are much stronger than Vape hits, so be careful.


Live Resin is a powerful cannabis concentrate known for retaining high levels of terpenoids and cannabinoids. This is largely thanks to the unique extraction method used to make Live Resin, which involves flash-freezing fresh Cannabis Flower before extracting its components and purging it of any unwanted contaminants.

While you shouldn’t attempt to make Live Resin yourself, buying high-quality Live Resin extracts is easy. You can buy Live Resin online for convenient and discreet home delivery anywhere in Canada. You can also buy a range of other cannabis concentrates, strains, and various other products. Simply visit Canada Cannabis Dispensary and sign up to get the products you want.

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