What Are the Most Popular Weed Strains in Canada?

Weed has always been and still is a very popular commodity in Canada. Although the journey has had its ups and downs, since 18th October 2018, every Canadian can access cannabis legally in any of the numerous dispensaries available. Among the numerous strains available, below is a list of five of the most popular and sought weed strains in Canada. You can find all of these Indica/Sativa/Hybrid varieties and much more at Canada Cannabis Dispensary at competitive prices.

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Zkittlez Cannabis Strain

Zkittlez is an Indica dominant powerhouse bred by 3rd Gen Fam. This award-winning strain has gained immense popularity not only in Canada but across the globe. Why do people love it? This hybrid offers a soothing body-centered high, complemented by a subtle cerebral high that keeps the consumer relaxed, happy, sleepy, and tension-free.

The strain has a berry, sweet, and earthy flavor with hints of grape and fruits on the exhale. The leaves are green with purple hints, and fiery orange hairs cover the entire bud. A thick cloud of crystalline trichomes surrounds this beautiful nug.


Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is also called Sour D or Sour Deez and is considered one of the most potent strains available. The THC percentage soars to 26%, while its CBD levels are 2% and CBN at 4%. This Sativa dominant strain makes an excellent wake and bake option, and Canadians love it for its energizing, uplifting, and motivating effects.

The aroma is not meant for anyone looking for discretion as it is intense, sour, diesel-like, and lemony. When it hits the palate, the consumer is hit with an earthy, herbal, and fuel-like taste with a lemony aftertaste. Sour Diesel helps keeps one uplifted and ready to clear pending tasks.


Orange Cream

If you love citrus-flavored treats, then the Orange Cream is the go-to strain. This is a top pick for a myriad of cannabis connoisseurs in Canada. An Indica dominant strain, this bud will leave you feeling relaxed, care-free, happy, clear-headed, and ready for a peaceful night of sleep. The THC levels are average at 18% to 20%.

The flavor is hinted in its name with some sweet, candy, and creamy undertones. Orange Cream is characterized by dense, bright-green leaves with specks of fiery orange pistils and a thick layer of trichomes engulfing it.


Lemon G

With THC levels that reach 23%, the Lemon G is originally from the Midwest and is commonly referred to as the pride of Ohio. This 70% sativa strain offers a balanced mix of cerebral and body effects that support high-level functionality and creativity. Consequently, Lemon G is an ideal social strain that is guaranteed to keep you excited, alert, and ready for new interactions.

Strong pine and lemon aroma fill the rooms when a joint is lit, drawing the consumer in. The earthy, spicy, and lemon flavor will help you understand why this strain is one of the best-selling varieties in Canada.


Gangster Kush

Gangster Kush is a 90% Indica strain with THC levels that range between 19% and 24%. With this strain, you can expect an above-average body high which can be sedating depending on the dosage. This is an ideal late evening or nighttime strain that induces couch-lock and sleepiness.

The buds are dense and sticky due to the high trichome production. Gangster Kush has a kushy, caramel, and pine aroma. The flavor can be described as lemon, pine, and woody.


Buying cannabis strains in Canada

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