Top 3 Cannabis Strains for You and Your Partner In 2022

Relationships need intimacy to thrive. When one decides to be with a partner, it is supposed to be an enjoyable journey with happiness, conversations, and physical closeness. Research has indicated that cannabis has helped greatly by helping couples have a great time. The euphoria and relaxation it offers puts both individuals at ease and more welcoming to intimacy.

With lowered inhibitions, one can enjoy the moments with their partners without feeling self-conscious or overthinking. Before we look at the top 3 strains for couples in 2022, let’s look into the effects of cannabis in a relationship.

Lasting longer: cannabis has been confirmed to help, especially men, last longer during intercourse. This gives the couple more time to connect on different levels. 

Sexual frequency and drive: cannabis increases one’s sexual desires. As you know, constant sex in a relationship makes it more fun and maintains good connections. Cannabis contains THC, a compound known for its psychoactive effects and may also be responsible for getting you turned on when high.


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Top Cannabis Strains for Improved Intimacy and Sexual Performance

Granddaddy Purple: Granddaddy Purple has a heavy Indica dominance with a 20-27% THC level. Granddaddy helps you stay calm, especially when you get nervous on dates. It is known to alleviate anxiety and induce euphoria. The granddaddy helps you have a natural conversation. This strain is recommended when you are going on a date or in a new relationship. Granddaddy is also good as it kills chronic pains, muscle spasms, insomnia, and appetite loss.




Girl Scout Cookies: Girl scout cookie is a popular hybrid strain. It is a combination of OG and Durban Kush. The THC level is at 28%. This strain helps in sex performance and triggers creativity. It helps you and your partner enrich your fantasies, and the pleasure of sex becomes more vivid. A few hits and your body becomes warmer and aching for love. This strain is best suited for couples looking to spice up their relationship.




Strawberry Cough: Strawberry Cough is a Sativa dominant strain. It grants you complete relaxation and creative energy during sex. It is a sweet strain with cough-inducing smoke.



Cannabis has recently been receiving a lot of limelight for a myriad of reasons.  One thing that most people forget is that it can transform a relationship into a more loving, intimate one in no time. With the right strains, you and your partner can now enjoy the relaxation, energy boost, euphoria, and lowered inhibitions cannabis has to offer. Utilize these effects to build a stronger bond this 2022. 


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