These Are The Best THC Gummies For Edible Lovers

If you love marijuana edibles, then we’ve got some amazing treats for you. While Marijuana Cookies, Brownies, and Drinks are all great options, THC Gummies often make for the best edibles when you want a quick, easy, and enjoyable way to get high, and we have some of the best THC Gummies for edible lovers.

The great thing about THC Gummies is that you’ll get enough in each gummy to give you a sensational high. As such, it often only takes one to get the effects you want, and if you want a stronger dose, you can simply eat another. Plus, with so many shapes, flavors, and brands available, there’s a suitable option for everyone. Here are some of the best THC Gummies you can buy right now.

Canada Cannabis Dispensary x Eddies Edibles Gummies

We wanted to bring you some of the best THC Gummies on the market, so we teamed up with Eddies Edibles to give you these delicious medicated THC gummies. With a variety of flavors and plenty of THC in each pack, you won’t be let down by these scrumptious cannabis-infused treats.

Each $29.00 bag gives you 10 gummies, each with 20mg of THC. Each serving can give you sensational effects and, since there’s a total of 200mg in each bag, you’ll get plenty of use out of each one.

Two options are available. The Indica Combo Bag contains Coke Bottles, Cherry Cokes, Bubblegum Cokes, Cherry Slices, and Strawberry Milkshake Cokes. The Sativa Combo contains Fuzzy Peaches, Cherry Sour Blasters, Caribbean Fish, Sour Keys, and Sour Watermelons. Whichever one you choose, you’re in for a treat.

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Bliss Blue Raspberry THC Gummies

If you’re looking for some mouthwatering, fruity cannabis edibles, then you’ll love these Bliss Blue Raspberry THC Gummies. Each gummy is packed full of flavor, along with a potent dose of 20mg of THC.

Even eating just one of these gummies will put you in a happy, relaxed, and euphoric state. You’ll swiftly feel more mentally uplifted and creative while your body will be soothed and relieved throughout. Whether you’re looking to counteract pain, stress, and anxiety or simply want a fun psychoactive experience, these gummies are ideal.

Each tin contains 10 gummies, meaning you’ll get a whopping 200mg in each tin for just $29.00. While the Blue Raspberry Gummies are delicious, you might also want to check out other Bliss Gummy flavors such as Peach, Tropical, and Watermelon.

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Bliss Blue Raspberry THC Gummies

Boost Edibles Gummies Tin

Another one of the best choices for THC Gummies is the Boost Edibles Gummies Tin. These flavorful gummies come in a handy little tin to keep them fresh and potent. Plus, with 10mg of THC in each gummy, you can rely on them to give you a sensational high without being too overwhelming.

It usually just takes one gummy to get a strong and satisfying high. These gummies are made with hybrid cannabis extracts, meaning you’ll get both the physically tranquilizing effects of indica strains and the cerebrally stimulating effects of sativa strains all in the form of a tasty fruit gummy.

Each tin contains 15 gummies, so you’ll get 150mg of THC in total. There are also various flavors available- you can choose between Cherry, Sour Watermelon, Sour Green Apple, and Strawberry, as well as a Mixed Variety Pack. There’s also a Sour Lemon CBD option for users who don’t want psychoactive effects.

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Ed N’ Bills Gummy Candy Edibles

Ed N’ Bills is another top brand offering some of the best marijuana edibles in Canada, and these Gummy Candy Edibles are a prime example. These sweet and chewy gummies resemble many of your favorite candies from Gummy Bears to Sour Patch Kids, the only difference is that they’re also packed with THC.

Each bag of Ed N’ Bills Gummy Candy Edibles contains 20 pieces of candy, each with 10mg of THC. That means you’ll get a total of 200mg of THC in each bag- enough to last you for a while whether you’re using them for recreational or medical purposes.

They also come in tons of different shapes and flavors. Some of the options available include Gummy Bears, Neon Worms, Sour Soothers, Sour Berries, Sour Peaches, Sour Patch Kids, Peach Rings, and Coke Bottles. No matter which you prefer, you’ll be impressed. 

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Ed N’ Bills Gummy Candy Edibles

Rosebud Remedy Netflix N’ Chill Gummy Candy Edibles

Edible lovers should also try out the Rosebud Remedy Netflix N’ Chill Gummy Candy Edibles. These delectable candies are perfect for when you want to kick back on the sofa, get high, and watch some TV shows and movies.

Each pack contains a variety of tasty flavors, including Hot Buttered Popcorn, Blue Raspberry, Orange Creamsicle, Fruit Punch. Each one tastes great and, with 12.5mg of THC in each serving, you won’t need to eat a lot to get a great high. What’s more, you get 16 gummies in each bag.

You can also check out the Rosebud Remedy Lounge Lizard Gummy Candy Edibles. These relaxing THC Gummies come in refreshing tropical flavors such as Peach Bellini, Strawberry Daiquiri, Appletini, Piña Colada. You’ll also get 16 potent gummies in each bag.

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Treat Leaf Edibles Candy Bags 40mg

The Treat Leaf Edibles Candy Bags are another one of the best THC Gummies for edible lovers. These delicious gummies come in various sweet flavors and each serving gives you a whopping 40mg of THC.

These gummies come in a 3-pack, so you’ll get 120mg of THC total in each pack. With 40mg of THC in each serving, you might want to split each gummy into halves for a more manageable dose. Some of the flavors include Pineapple, Cola, Lemon Lime, Wild Raspberry, Cherry Blast, and Peach.

If you’re looking for something stronger, you might want to check out the Treat Leaf Edibles 80mg 9-pack. If you prefer smaller doses, the Microdose 5mg 36-pack is perfect for you. You can even check out the CBD Candy Bags 40mg (9-pack) if you prefer not to get high. Whichever way, these gummies won’t let you down.

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