The Perfect Combo: CBD and Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that offers individuals across all age groups mental and physical support. The simple to advanced poses helps one:

  • Improve and maintain flexibility, strength, and balance
  • Improve mobility, support faster healing, and combat back pain
  • Promotes better heart health
  • It keeps the muscles relaxed, thus leading to better sleep
  • Brightens moods, keeps one energized, and fights stress/depression/anxiety

CBD, on the other hand, works with the endocannabinoid System to promote better and regular body functioning. It works with different enzymes, receptors, neurotransmitters, and hormones to promote better sleep, ease pain and inflammation, helps with childhood epileptic seizures, offset mental conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression, stimulate appetite, and improve focus. 

Now, imagine combining CBD and Yoga! What would be better than that? For centuries, this combination has worked miracles for many people. It has helped individuals become a better version of themselves. With the ever-growing popularity of CBD, this combo is making a solid comeback. Health enthusiasts and people across different social media platforms strongly support this practice, terming it life-changing. Could this be the ultimate combo? Below are some of the reasons why the two go perfectly together


cbd yoga 1


The Practice Goes Back Centuries

Yogis from Indian traditions are individuals who are fully committed to the practice of yoga. For centuries, they have combined yoga and CBD for more significant results. The combo has proven itself with the numerous benefits associated with it. That’s why many individuals turn to this blend to improve their lives.


No Psychoactive Effects

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants. This means that it doesn’t alter the mind by making one ‘high’.Consequently, consuming CBD during yoga sessions does not interfere with balance, focus, or mental state. 


Combats the Pain and Aches Resulting from a Yoga Session

Yoga exercises involve bending, stretching, and numerous physical activities, leading to body aches and pain. CBD has powerful analgesic properties that help soothe soreness, pain, and inflammation. Additionally, the sleep-inducing ability of CBD helps an individual sleep better after physical activity, allowing proper muscle recovery and much-needed rest. 


Improves Focus

Wandering thoughts affect the overall efficiency of a yoga session. CBD helps maintain focus by slowing down any racing thoughts. This allows one to focus more on the exercises and experience calmer, relaxed vibes. 


cbd yoga 2


Connects Body and Mind

CBD creates a stronger connection between the body and mind. An individual becomes more in tune with their bodies thanks to the improved consciousness-movement relationship. This makes it easy for one to detect any issues with their physical self. 


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