Popular Indica Strains and Their Effects

It’s easier than ever to buy cannabis strains online, and there’s an impressive range to choose from. While sativa strains are great for stimulating effects and hybrid strains can give you a versatile high, indica strains are often recommended for deep relaxation and soothing effects. So which should you buy? Here are some of the most popular indica strains and their effects.

Kush Berry

Kush Berry is one of the most sought-after indica strains, especially thanks to its high THC levels and exotic flavor. Kush Berry is a pure indica that combines Blueberry and OG Kush for one of the most flavorful and powerful strains available.

When you smoke this luxurious strain, you’ll swiftly feel soothed all over. It’s known as a top-notch medical marijuana strain for its ability to tackle even the most severe symptoms of pain. It also has a calming effect on your mind, helping to take away stress and anxiety.

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Godfather OG

Most marijuana enthusiasts will be familiar with the name Godfather OG. This popular indica strain is known as the Don of all kush strains. Its powerful relaxing qualities make it perfect for recreational users who want something to help put them in a blissful high. It’s also fantastic for medical users.

Godfather OG has THC levels as high as 22-25%, making it a very powerful strain. You’ll feel the effects as soon as you take a puff as it’ll put you in a hazy yet pleasurable high that lasts for a while. You’ll be free of all pain and stress, but it might put you to sleep.

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Godfather OG

Mataro Blue

Mataro Blue is a sensational indica strain with many great qualities. It’s known as one of the best and most popular indica strains, especially due to its enjoyable taste and high average THC levels of 24%. You can rely on this strain to give you an incredible high every time you use it.

You can expect to feel deeply relaxed after a few hits of Mataro Blue. You’ll be freed of any physical tension in your body and you’ll also be too spaced out to have any stress or worries. It’s especially helpful for users who need to manage symptoms of chronic pain or those looking for a sleep aid.

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Sensi Star

Sensi Star is another popular indica marijuana strain that makes you feel extremely happy and peaceful. With THC levels starting at 20% and reaching as high as 26%, you can expect strong effects from a small amount. However, the experience is highly enjoyable.

When you use this strain, you’ll feel instantly relieved of any negative feelings. It’s known for putting users in a joyful and positive mood even on their worst days. It’ll also heighten your senses and make you feel creative. Sensi Star is also a great strain for tackling pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and insomnia. 

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Black Diamond

Black Diamond is another popular choice for both recreational and medical marijuana users. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid strain that gives you incredible waves of relaxation along with uplifting mental effects. As such, it’s easy for anyone to enjoy this rare and potent strain.

With an interesting aroma, a rich flavor, and THC levels of 18-24%, this is a strain well worth trying. It brings on strong analgesic effects, taking away any pain and tension. However, it can also boost your mood and stimulate your mind for an interesting and enjoyable high.

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Black Diamond

Violator Kush

Violator Kush is one of the greatest indica-dominant strains, as well as being one of the best strains for medical use. The high is extremely enjoyable, making users feel happy and giddy while also offering deeply relaxing physical effects.

You can use this strain for social situations, especially at it makes you chatty and giggly at first. At higher doses, the strong body high will come on thick and fast, making you feel physically soothed and tired. Violator Kush also helps to relieve stress and anxiety and boost your appetite.

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Nuken is an indica-dominant strain that’s a favorite for many users. Its THC levels can vary wildly, ranging from 13-25%. It also has a unique marshmallow-like taste with hints of banana and pine. However, the best thing about this strain is the effects it gives you.

The high you get from Nuken makes you feel spacey and introspective. It’s not the best strain for social situations, but it’s great for those times you want to kick back at home and put yourself into a trance. It also helps take away pain, stress, and insomnia swiftly.

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Pink Kush

Pink Kush is a strain with potent indica genetics and THC levels of around 20%. It’s easily recognizable by its pink hairs, but it offers a lot more than just bag appeal. If you need an enjoyable evening strain, this is one of the best choices.

You’ll feel incredibly happy and euphoric when you use Pink Kush. It’s known for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression with its uplifting mental effects. It also helps soothe your body, making it a solid strain for tackling pain and inflammation.

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OG Kush

OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most popular marijuana strains in the world. The high is incredible, giving you an uplifting and euphoric mental high along with some of the most soothing and relaxing physical effects.

The THC levels of OG Kush are usually around 19-24%, making it a powerful strain. As well as being extremely enjoyable for recreational purposes, it’s also a top-notch medical strain. The uplifting mental high helps relieve depression and anxiety while the physical effects counteract pain fast.

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Blueberry is an all-time favorite when it comes to indica strains. With a delectable flavor, strong THC levels, and consistently enjoyable effects, it’s easy to see why this strain is a High Times Cannabis Cup award winner.

You’ll be treated to a sensational blueberry and vanilla flavor when you smoke this strain- hence the name. The enjoyable taste will quickly be followed by invigorating effects, helping to relieve you of all pain, stress, and tension. It’ll also give you an incredibly refreshing night of sleep.

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