Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana: What’s The Difference?

There are two categories of marijuana, that is, medical and recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana uses the cannabis plant to relieve serious pain and chronic symptoms. Marijuana usually has two compounds; delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is responsible for making people high, and Cannabidiol (BCD). The study shows that weed has a series of benefits concerning relieving pain. Recreational marijuana is where a person uses the drug for personal enjoyment rather than medical purpose.

In most cases, many people confuse these two uses of the drug and use them interchanging. However, this form of cannabis usage differs; for instance, they differ in user intent, quality, accessibility, and workplace tolerance.

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Difference between Medical and Recreational Marijuana

The intent of the two usages differs, which also determines the content. For instance, a person will use recreational marijuana for personal enjoyment rather than medical purposes. Therefore, recreational marijuana will have a high content of THT. This cannabis content is responsible for mind alteration. Besides, this chemical is capable of increasing appetite, decreasing pain and inflammation. Also, the content assists in treating muscle problems. However, this chemical is likely to make the user high or even appear mad since it is a strong stimulant. Those people who use marijuana for recreational purposes will prefer cannabis with high THT content. On the other side, medical marijuana intends to relieve pain and promote health wellbeing. Weed has a CBD compound which is less psychoactive effects and hence does not have mind-alteration effects. However, this compound is significant in treating medical illnesses like relieving pain, reducing addiction, treating medical illness, and other health benefits. As a result, those who intend to use pot for medical purposes prefer those with high CBD content and low THC content.

The qualities of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana also differ. For instance, medical marijuana undergoes various medical check-up. In ideal cases, dispensaries and medical facilities have the authorization to sell medical marijuana. Therefore, this weed undergoes intense scrutiny and authentications. As a result, the quality and the standards of this drug will be high. The prescriber is likely to indicate the correct THC and CBD level in a more accurate manner.

Similarly, the accessibility of medical and recreational marijuana differs. For instance, one can obtain medical marijuana from a physician. Regulated dispensaries have permission to sell medical marijuana. However, acquiring medical cannabis requires one first to assure the medic that they suffer from a physical or a medical problem to get permission to buy the drug. In this case, a person uses a medical card that indicates the physical or mental complication of purchasing the product. Meaning that one has to undergo a medical check-up first to access the medical marijuana, and it is only accessible in a recognized medical facility or from a licensed physician. On the other hand, accessing recreational marijuana is easy than medical marijuana. A person can easily buy recreational cannabis from anybody above the age of 19 or 21 years (depending on the province they live in). Similarly, the buyer does not need to have a medical card to purchase the drug. However, accessing recreational marijuana can be more difficult in United States or countries where it’s still illegal.

Also, in many parts of the world, many workplaces do not tolerate the use of cannabis. However, many companies tend to allow the use of medical marijuana for health purposes. The user has to present the company with medical obligations as to why they use the drug, and the company will, after that, permit its usage. However, the usage of recreational marijuana remains illegal in most workplaces. Many companies do not tolerate the recreational use of weed since it might disrupt the user’s rational thinking.


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