Marijuana Vape Pens: What They Are & How To Consume

Although rolling a joint can get the job done, many marijuana users prefer to consume their weed using handy devices. Smoking tools like Bongs and Pipes make it quick, easy, and convenient to get a powerful high. However, if you want to inhale the effects of THC with more flavor and less harmful toxins, then you might want to try out Marijuana Vape Pens.

Marijuana Vape Pens come in many forms. Some Vape Pens are designed for use with dry herbs, allowing you to smoke all of your favorite strains of weed. You can also use certain Vape Pens with cannabis concentrates such as Shatter, Wax, and Live Resin. These will give you even more powerful effects. Alternatively, you can vaporize THC Vape Juices and Oils for strong and flavorful vapor.

No matter what kind of marijuana product you choose to vape, it’s sure to produce an enjoyable experience. As well as being easy and convenient, vaporizing brings out more of the terpenes and may even give you more powerful effects. As such, it’s worth investing in a high-quality Marijuana Vape Pen. Here’s what you need to know about Marijuana Vape Pens and how to use them.

What Are Marijuana Vape Pens?

Marijuana Vape Pens are portable devices that enable you to vaporize and inhale various marijuana products. Vaping has become highly popular in recent years as it offers a method of consumption that doesn’t involve burning any chemicals. Vaping is often used for tobacco oils as it can provide the same effects without any burning compounds, and vaping cannabis can be even more enjoyable.

There are many kinds of vaporizers you can use for marijuana, and while you can buy large, desktop vaporizers, most people prefer to use Vape Pens for portability and convenience. Vape Pens usually have temperature controls and a button to vaporize your product. Using them usually involves filling the chamber with your marijuana product, setting the temperature, powering on, and inhaling the smooth vapor.

Not only are there many different vaporizers, but there are also various marijuana vape products. While dry herb vaporizers can be used with weed, you can also get vaporizers for cannabis concentrates or even flavored cannabis vape juices and cartridges. Users looking to vape marijuana have tons of options to choose from.

What Are Marijuana Vape Pens

Benefits Of Vaping Marijuana

Vaporizing marijuana has numerous benefits. A survey found that users who preferred vaping over smoking see it as a safer and more positive experience than smoking cannabis. While smoking can often release toxins and feel harsh on your lungs, marijuana vapor is smokeless and easy to inhale.

Interestingly, a study found that vaping cannabis produces stronger effects than smoking cannabis. Vaping marijuana seems to give users more THC, resulting in a more pronounced high. As well as releasing plenty of cannabinoids, vaping also releases more terpenes, meaning you’ll taste more of the flavor of your products.

Vaping is also convenient. With a high-quality vape pen, you can enjoy smooth hits of marijuana vapor within minutes. Plus, a vape pen can last you for a long time and give you an enjoyable high whenever you need it. There are now tons of marijuana vape products out there and fans of vaping can choose between various strains of weed, cannabis concentrates, and even delicious flavored vape oils.

Different Kinds Of Marijuana Vape Pens

There are many marijuana Vape Pens out there, with the main difference being what kind of products they’re compatible with. Some Vape Pens are compatible with dry herbs such as weed, some are compatible with marijuana concentrates, and some are designed for use with vape juice and oils.

Dry Herb Vaporizers are the best choice for users who want to vape weed. These contain a chamber that you fill with your ground weed to vaporize and inhale the effects. You can use any strain of weed and you can also use these vaporizers with other dry herbs such as hemp or tobacco.

Wax Pens or Dab Pens are designed for use with cannabis concentrates. Instead of using weed, you can use these pens with products such as Wax, Shatter, Hash Oil, and other potent cannabis extracts. Simply take a dab of your chosen product, place it in the chamber, and you can vaporize it for powerful THC-packed vapor.

Oil Pens are pens designed for use with Vape Juices, also known as E-Juices or Vape Oils. There are tons of Vape Juices out there, many of which contain flavored tobacco. However, you can also use THC Vape Juices for a psychoactive experience. You can also find Vape Pens that use pre-filled Vape Cartridges of oil as opposed to having to fill the chamber with Vape Oil.

Some Vape Pens are even compatible with multiple kinds of products. For instance, the Airis MW Ultimate is a 2-in-1 device that includes interchangeable pods to fill with either Vape Oils or cannabis concentrates such as Wax. You can also find Vape Pens compatible with Oils, Concentrates, and Dry Herbs if you want to use all three.

Disposable Vape Pens are another interesting option. These are pre-filled Vape Pens that already contain THC or CBD Vape Oil. You don’t need to buy any extra products or cartridges, simply press a button and you can start enjoying the delicious vapor. These are useful for users who want to try vaping without having to splash out on a vaporizer and products to fill it with.

Different Kinds Of Marijuana Vape Products

Different Kinds Of Marijuana Vape Products

You can also find various kinds of marijuana vape products. The kind of product you should use depends on what kind of vaporizer you have and the kind of effects you’re looking for. Some vaporizers are only compatible with cartridges whereas others contain refillable chambers for dry herbs, concentrates or vape oils.

Cannabis strains can be used with any dry herb vaporizer. Simply grind your favorite strain of weed and apply some to the chamber. Vaping weed produces stronger effects than smoking it, as well as being much smoother and more flavorful. The kind of effects you’ll get depends on the kind of strain you use, but you can expect an enjoyable euphoric high whichever way.

Cannabis concentrates are potent products that you can use with Wax or Dab Pens. Concentrates are made using various extraction processes to extract the strongest parts of marijuana buds and create a high-THC product. Some popular types of cannabis concentrate include Shatter, Hash, and Wax. Vaporizing these is the best way to experience their powerful effects.

Vape Cartridges are small, pre-filled cartridges of Vape Oil that you can attach to certain vaporizers. Some cartridges are designed for use with specific devices whereas others are designed for use with a range of pens. For instance, you can find many Vape Cartridges designed for use with 510 thread pens. You can also buy THC Vape Pods if you use a JUUL or similarly-designed device.

How To Use A Marijuana Vape Pen

If you want to vape marijuana, using a marijuana Vape Pen makes the process simple. Each Vape Pen is different and it’s important to check the instructions for how to use yours. How you use them can also depend on the kind of product you’re using. But whichever way, you can usually start enjoying delicious marijuana vapor within minutes.

Many Vape Pens contain a chamber for placing your product. For instance, dry herb vaporizers have a chamber that you can fill with ground weed for vaporizing. Wax Pens have a chamber to apply a dab of your chosen cannabis concentrate. Oil Vaporizers have chambers or cartridges that you can fill with your chosen vape oil.

Once you’ve applied your product, some vaporizers also allow you to set the temperature. Cannabinoids are generally activated at 325-450°F. Using a temperature in this range is ideal for vaporizing either weed or cannabis concentrates. Lower temperatures generally give you more flavor whereas higher temperatures can produce more intense effects. 

Some vaporizers simply allow you to set the temperature to Low, Medium or High rather than a specific temperature. Some don’t have temperature controls but produce enough heat to vaporize your product regardless.

When you’ve finished setting up your vaporizer, you usually simply have to press a button to begin heating your product. Many vaporizers require you to hit the button 5 times to start vaporizing. It won’t take long for your Vape Pen to heat your product, and once it indicates it’s ready, you can start taking draws from the mouthpiece.

Vaporizing is similar to smoking in the sense that you’ll need to inhale the vapor, hold it in your lungs for a second, and exhale. The cannabinoids will reach your system almost instantly, producing a fast-acting high. You can take as many or as few draws as you want until you’re satisfied with the effects.

How To Use A Marijuana Vape Pen

Where To Buy Marijuana Vape Pens

If you want to start vaping marijuana, you can buy Marijuana Vape Pens online. We offer a range of high-quality vape pens for weed, concentrates, and oils. Simply choose a Vape Pen that’s compatible with your desired product and you can order it for home delivery. Here are some of the best marijuana Vape Pens to choose from.

Airis MW Ultimate Vape Pods Pen Kit – The Airis MW Ultimate is one of the best portable vaporizers out there. Not only can you use it to vape all of your favorite strains of weed, but you can also swap out the atomizer to vape cannabis concentrates instead. It includes two interchangeable pods that you simply fill with your desired product for fast and effective vaping. It also includes a micro USB charger for fast recharging.

Herbva Nokiva Dry Herb Vaporizer – If you want one of the best pens for vaping weed, this dry herb vaporizer is perfect for you. This sleek, portable device uses a ceramic chamber to heat weed and provide potent, flavorful vapor. The built-in screen makes it easy to control the temperature, mode, and check the battery level. With a 2200mAh battery, this device also offers enough power to last you all day.

Linx Gaia Portable Vaporizer – Linx Gaia is another top-quality portable vaporizer designed for use with dry herbs such as weed. It includes a Quartz oven to provide superbly smooth and flavorful vapor no matter what strain you use. It also features a handy display that shows you the temperature settings and battery level. The glass mouthpiece and stylish design add to the quality of this fantastic device.

LIT Vape Pen Reusable Kits – LIT offers one of the best Vape Pens for enjoying quality vape oils. These reusable kits come with a 350mAh vape battery with adjustable voltage. You’ll also get a handy USB charger and a 500mg Vape Oil cartridge of your choice. Plenty of strains are available, including Grand Daddy Purple, Durban Poison, Blue Dream, Green Crack, and White Widow. Once your vape oil runs out, simply buy one of the LIT Refill Vape Pen Cartridges.

Culture Disposable Vape Pens – These disposable vape pens from Culture allow you to test out vaping for yourself. Although they’re not refillable, each one comes with plenty of potent Vape Oil to enjoy. You don’t need to waste any time charging these pens or setting them up- just enjoy the smooth and delicious vapor. Various options are available including both THC and CBD.

These are some of the best Vape Pens on offer, but you can also check out other Vape Pens along with Vape Cartridges, Vape Pods, and plenty of cannabis concentrates and strains in our online store.


Vaping cannabis is a popular alternative to smoking cannabis that gives you tons of flavor and powerful effects. Marijuana Vape Pens make it easy to vape marijuana, and whether you prefer to vape weed, cannabis concentrates, or flavored vape oils, there’s a Vape Pen suitable for you.

We offer plenty of high-quality Vape Pens and marijuana vape products for you to enjoy. You can also find other marijuana products such as Edibles, Tinctures, Concentrates, and a lot more. Everything is available for delivery across Canada and you can check out the full range of products at

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