Marijuana and Exercise: How Cannabis Can Improve Your Workout

You might not think that marijuana and exercise work together. However, if you use it appropriately and pick the right strains for the right purposes, cannabis can improve your workout and even help you recover after. Cannabis isn’t just good for the enjoyable recreational high it induces, it also has a range of benefits for the mind and body that can be significantly helpful for athletes and anyone interested in physical activities.

Many users use marijuana to help them soothe their bodies, especially after intense physical activity. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis can help with muscle strains and aches as well as helping you sleep. Some strains can even perk you up before exercising, giving you a much-needed burst of motivation to help you get the most out of your workout.

Of course, it’s important to be mindful of how you use marijuana if you plan to take part in physical activity. Some strains are more likely to send you to sleep than make you want to work out. However, with the right strains and the right dosages, marijuana can help before, during, and after your workouts. Here’s a guide on marijuana and exercise.

Can Cannabis Improve Your Workout?

Cannabis can have all kinds of interesting effects and benefits when consumed. Many people simply use cannabis for the sensational euphoric high it produces, boosting your mood and senses to make everything more enjoyable. It also has a range of medical uses, helping people with various symptoms such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, and more.

You might not see cannabis as something that can help with exercise, especially as it’s often associated with relaxing and even sedating effects that can make you too tired to be active. However, when used at the right time and in the right amount, it can boost your workouts in many ways.

One of the most interesting studies on marijuana and exercise found that 80% of cannabis users used cannabis either before or after exercising. While most used it after exercising rather than before, 67% reported that they found it helpful both before and after working out, showing that it can help in various aspects of reaching your fitness goals.

Some of the most common benefits reported included increased enjoyment, boosted recovery, and heightened motivation. Since marijuana can heighten your focus and senses, it can make every workout seem more fun and rewarding. Plus, it can help improve your sleep and soothe any aches or strains after a workout.

Can Cannabis Improve Your Workout

Should You Use Marijuana Before Or After Exercise?

If you want to work marijuana into your exercise routine, there are various ways you can do so. You can choose to use marijuana before exercising, after exercising or even try both. The best approach for you largely depends on your personal preferences, goals, and the kind of activities you’re taking part in.

Using marijuana before exercising is ideal for users who need a burst of motivation and focus. The fthc of certain marijuana strains can help you feel more engaged with your workout, often leading to improved performance and better results overall. Some users might find it harder to stay focused after smoking weed, but there are various ways you can counteract this.

Enjoying marijuana after a workout is arguably an even better option. After finishing a tough workout, all you want to do is relax and start the recovery process. Marijuana can help kick start this process by easing your body of any aches, strains, or physical tension. It can also help you get a good night of sleep, which is essential for proper recovery.

There are plenty of marijuana strains to choose from, each with differences in their effects. Some are better for pre-workout use whereas some are better for post-workout use. You might even want to get a few different strains to use at different times. What’s more, you can also find a variety of other marijuana-infused products to help with your workouts and recovery.

Using Marijuana Before Exercise

If you’re looking for some pre-workout stimulation, then you might want to try using marijuana before exercising. As long as you use the right marijuana strain and don’t smoke too much, you can enjoy the euphoric and energizing wave while still getting the most out of your workout.

One of the benefits of using marijuana before exercising is that THC can activate the brain’s reward circuits. This means that, on top of the usual rush of dopamine you get from physical activity, you’ll also get the euphoric effects of marijuana. Overall, your workout will feel much more fun and rewarding.

Marijuana can also help boost your focus. A Harvard study found that marijuana improves cognitive function, allowing users to perform all kinds of tasks better. Staying mentally focused can help with all kinds of sports and physical activities, so you might want to try a small dose of marijuana before your next workout.

While using marijuana before working out can help in many cases, it’s important to use it sensibly. Naturally, using too much will likely leave you feeling hazy and out of focus. You should also avoid strains known for sedating effects. It’s best to use sativa strains– these are known for providing a burst of physical and mental energy that can be fantastic for active users.

Best Pre workout Strains

Best Pre-workout Strains

If you’re looking for a good pre-workout strain, it’s best to check out sativa strains. These strains are known for being stimulating for your body and brain. They can give you extra motivation, increase your focus, and even counteract fatigue and give you more energy in many cases. Here are some of the best strains for energy and focus.

Jamaica Dream – If you’re looking for a stimulating pre-workout strain, Jamaica Dream is one of the absolute best choices. This strain hits you hard and fast with mood-elevating and energizing effects that give you the motivation to take on all kinds of physical and mental tasks. With moderate THC levels of 15-18%, it isn’t too overwhelming and will keep you feeling fresh and focused.

Mimosa – Along with an alluringly sweet taste, Mimosa gives you some incredibly enjoyable and uplifting effects. It’ll perk you up and give you energy and focus, making it ideal for users who want to be more active. It’s great for counteracting fatigue, stress, depression, anxiety, and putting you in an optimistic state.

Sour Jack – Sour Jack is a cross between two of the most exceptional sativa strains– Sour Diesel and Jack Herer. This strain is perfect for combating fatigue and putting you in an energetic and motivated state. As such, it’s great for giving you the energy and focus you need to exercise as well as helping with a range of medical issues.

Using Marijuana After Exercise

Another approach to incorporating marijuana into your exercise routine is to use it after working out. If marijuana often leaves you sluggish and tired, then using it before exercise might not help you so much. However, it can be incredibly handy for after the hard work’s done to help put your body into recovery mode.

One of the key medical benefits of cannabis is that it can help relieve pain and inflammation. It’s often used for conditions associated with chronic or severe pain, but it can also help with pain and inflammation on a day-to-day level. Smoking some weed after working out can help relieve sore muscles and release physical tension.

Another one of the main benefits of using weed after working out is that it can help you sleep better. On top of helping with symptoms of insomnia by relieving pain and reducing stress and anxiety, some cannabis strains also have strong sedative effects. Improving your sleep will help your body recover quicker and more efficiently, giving you better results in your workouts in the long run.

You can use pretty much any strain after working out, especially as you can relax and not worry about how tired or hazy you’ll end up being. However, when it comes to recovery, indica strains are usually the best choice. These strains are known for delivering soothing and relaxing effects for the mind and body. A small dose will help with mild relaxation whereas smoking more will help put you to sleep.

Best Post workout Strains

Best Post-workout Strains

If you’re looking for soothing relaxation after working out, then it’s best to use indica strains. These strains deliver a more body-focused high, relieving all kinds of pain, aches, and physical tension, making them perfect for recovering after intense exercise. There are plenty of indica strains to choose from- here are some of the best picks.

OG Kush – OG Kush is a hard-hitting indica strain with THC levels of 19-24%. When you smoke this strain, you’ll be treated to a euphoric rush followed by deeply relaxing physical effects. This makes it perfect for soothing your body after a workout and helping you sleep for further recovery.

Nuken – Nuken is another highly popular indica strain that’s ideal for post-workout recovery and relaxation. Nuken is often used for tackling issues such as pain, inflammation, headaches, migraines, insomnia, and stress thanks to its calming effects. If you need something to take the edge off after a tough workout, it’s a great choice.

Blackberry Platinum – Blackberry Platinum is an indica-dominant strain that crosses Platinum OG Kush with Blackberry Kush. It calms your mind and body to leave you feeling intensely relaxed and soothed throughout. Whether you’re looking to relieve muscle aches or simply want to mellow out after exercising, Blackberry Platinum can help.

Can Marijuana Help You Lose Weight?

One of the other interesting benefits of using marijuana while exercising is that it might help you lose weight. Although marijuana often increases your appetite and many users might worry about “the munchies” making them gain weight, various studies suggest that it has the opposite effect.

When you consume marijuana, THC causes various changes in your body, including spiking appetite hormones ghrelin and leptin. However, although it increases your appetite, it seems that marijuana can also help improve your digestion and metabolism, potentially leading to more weight loss.

A large scale study of cannabis users found that marijuana use was surprisingly linked to lower obesity rates. What’s more, another study found that marijuana users had lower BMIs, lower waist sizes, and less risk of diabetes. These findings suggest that marijuana could help users who want to lower their body weight.

More research is still needed to determine whether marijuana can help you lose weight. However, it doesn’t seem to hurt. While this shouldn’t be used as an excuse to smoke weed and eat unhealthily, combining marijuana with exercise and a healthy diet might help you reach your fitness goals more quickly.

Alternative Marijuana Products To Help With Exercise

Alternative Marijuana Products To Help With Exercise

If you want to combine marijuana and exercise, smoking weed isn’t your only choice. There’s a range of other marijuana-infused products that can also help with pre-workout motivation and post-workout recovery. You might even find some of these more useful than weed due to how convenient they are to use.

Tinctures are one of the best options. These are liquid cannabis products that allow you to measure out a small dose and apply it under your tongue for fast-acting absorption. They’re convenient, effective, and make it easy to take a small dose before or after exercising.

Edibles are among the most potent cannabis products out there. While it’s best to avoid these before working out, a small dose after exercising can help with deep relaxation and recovery. Just make sure you don’t take too much.

Vapes allow you to consume THC without inhaling any burning chemicals. This is ideal for health-conscious users who want to avoid the harsh effects of smoking. Various devices and Vape Juices are available and all of them provide a smooth and satisfying experience.

CBD Products are ideal if you don’t want to get high. They have no psychoactive effects but many users find them useful for recovery and relaxation. They come in many forms, including gummies, isolates, tinctures, topicals, and more.


Marijuana and exercise can go well together in many ways. Some cannabis strains are great for stimulating your mind and your body, making you more inclined to work out. Other strains are perfect for relaxation and recovery, making them perfect for post-workout use. 

You can also use a range of other cannabis-infused products to get the benefits of cannabinoids. No matter how you want to incorporate cannabis into your workout routine, you can find all the products you need online at CanadaCannabisDispensary.

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