Make Better Marijuana Edibles with These Tips

Whether you want a long-lasting, mind-bending trip or something that’s going to help relieve your pain, stress, and insomnia, you might want to make Marijuana Edibles. Edibles are marijuana-infused foods that come in all kinds of delicious forms. Not only do they give you a stronger high than smoking, but the effects can last for hours on end.

While it’s easy to buy Marijuana Edibles online, many people prefer to make them at home. Making edibles is a fun and rewarding project for any marijuana fan and, although it takes some effort, the results are worth it. With that said, many people make mistakes with edibles. Fortunately, you can learn to make better Marijuana Edibles with these tips.

Use High-Quality Weed

Before you even start to make homemade edibles, it’s important to pick the best strain of marijuana for the job. Many people make edibles using whatever leftover weed they have, but it’s best to use fresh, high-quality weed if you want your edibles to be as enjoyable and potent as possible. You’ll also want to pick the best strain for your needs.

The strain you should pick largely depends on what kind of effects you’re looking for. If you want Marijuana Edibles that’ll give you intense relaxation for hours on end, then use a high-quality Indica strain. If you want your edibles to give you a cerebral, mind-boosting high, use a Sativa strain. For versatile, well-balanced edibles, use a Hybrid strain.

Whichever kind of strain you prefer, make sure you get high-quality buds as well. That way, you’re sure to get edibles packed with potent cannabinoids and terpenes. You might want to check out some AAAAA strains, but AAAA strains and AAA strains work just as well.

Decarboxylate Your Buds Properly

Decarboxylation is arguably the most important step for making potent, high-quality Marijuana Edibles. This is the process that activates the THC in your weed before you infuse it into edible creations. If you don’t decarboxylate your weed, you’ll end up with edibles that don’t even make you high, so you should learn to decarboxylate your buds properly.

It’s best to use a cup of weed at a time, which usually amounts to around 7-10 grams. Don’t grind your weed- instead, break it into nugs and spread them across a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Preheat an oven to 245ºF and prepare to bake your nugs of weed until they’ve fully decarboxylated.

Usually, it takes around 30-40 minutes to decarboxylate your buds at 245ºF. You’ll also want to shake the tray every 10 minutes or so to ensure they’re all heated evenly. While using a higher temperature is quicker, it also makes you much more likely to degrade the potency of your buds, so stick to the long and slow approach for the best Marijuana Edibles possible.

Decarboxylate Your Buds Properly

Infuse Your Weed Into A Fat-Based Ingredient

After the decarboxylation process, your nugs of weed will be rife with active THC. However, you can’t simply gobble them up or sprinkle them across your food. To make Marijuana Edibles, you need to infuse THC into a fat-based ingredient. Although you can use anything from milk to honey, the best approach is to infuse your weed into butter or oil.

The process for doing this is fairly simple. Add a cup of melted butter or oil (coconut oil works particularly well) to a pan on low heat (around 160-200ºF), grind your cup of decarboxylated weed, and add it to the mix. Allow the mixture to simmer without boiling for 2-3 hours while stirring occasionally.

After 2-3 hours, your oil or butter will be infused with the THC from your weed. You can then strain it into a container and store it until you’re ready to use it. The great thing about using butter or oil is that they can be added to all kinds of sweet or savory recipes to make some delicious Marijuana Edibles.

Hide The Taste With Delicious Recipes

While you can get high by simply eating cannabis-infused butter or oil by itself, the taste will be unpleasant and you’ll likely end up using too much. The best way to make better Marijuana Edibles is to add them to some of your favorite recipes to give them a kick of THC.

For instance, if you enjoy baked goods such as cookies or brownies, try infusing them with the effects of marijuana. All you have to do is substitute some butter or oil with your cannabis-infused butter or oil. You can also find plenty of great cannabis recipes online.

Baked goods are a popular choice, but there are many other options. You can infuse chocolate bars with cannabis or even sprinkle your cannabis-infused condiment onto salads, pasta, or other savory meals. You can also mix cannabis butter or oil into drinks such as coffee, juice, or smoothies if you want a potent Marijuana Beverage.

Dont Put Too Much THC In Your Edibles

Don’t Put Too Much THC In Your Edibles

It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of making Marijuana Edibles, but you must remember not to use too much. If your edibles are too strong, you could end up having a bad high for anywhere from 4 to 12 hours that will put you off using edibles. As such, you should always be careful about how much cannabis butter or oil you use.

It can be tricky to determine exactly how much THC is in your Marijuana Edibles. While you can find calculators to estimate how potent your edibles are based on the weed you use, sometimes you won’t have all the details necessary. As such, the best approach is to always be careful with how much you use.

Let’s say you make cannabis butter or oil with 7 grams of cannabis- even using 1/7 of this in your recipes will give you potent edibles. You should also start with a very small serving to test how potent they are before you take more. Remember that edibles can take up to 2 hours to kick in, so don’t take more until the effects wear off.


While it’s hard to get the perfect edibles without some trial and error, you’ll be sure to make better Marijuana Edibles with these tips. Remember to use good strains of weed but avoid using more than you need. Alternatively, you can skip the process of making edibles altogether and simply buy high-quality edibles and other products online at Canada Cannabis Dispensary.

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