How to Smoke Weed Without a Piece

Every marijuana lover is likely to run into a situation where they have to figure out how to smoke weed without a piece. A piece refers to a Bong, Pipe or other similar device used for consuming their weed. However, even if you don’t have any of these devices on hand, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy your weed.

Some of these methods require a little investment, but they’re simple, effective, and make for some great smoking methods. Plus, if you don’t have a quality piece, you can even make one at home. Here’s a guide on some of the best ways to smoke weed without a piece.

Rolling a Joint

If you don’t have a bong or pipe, you can still enjoy weed the good old-fashioned way. Rolling joints is still just as useful today as it ever was, and if you master the technique, you can enjoy some quality roll-ups that offer both an easy and effective way to smoke weed.

You’ll need to make sure you have a couple of things before you roll a joint. You’ll need a lighter and some rolling papers. Rolling papers can be found in all kinds of convenience stores so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding these. It also helps to have a grinder to cut your weed up, although you can also use scissors.

Put your ground weed in your rolling paper and make a filter with a rolled-up piece of paper or card. Pinch the two ends together and rock it back and forth to spread the weed evenly, then roll one end around your filter. Roll one end of the paper over the other, lick it to stick it together and twist the excess paper at the top of the joint. Now, all you have to do is light, inhale, and enjoy.

Rolling a Joint

Rolling a Spliff

Another good method is to roll a spliff. A spliff is made in the same way as a joint, the only difference is that you mix your weed with tobacco. This gives you a milder psychoactive buzz, although the nicotine can also make the high you get different than usual.

Just mix some loose tobacco along with your weed when you roll your spliff. You can use any ratio you want. Mixing tobacco with weed isn’t your only option, either. You can also add cannabis concentrates to weed for a stronger high.

Spliffs aren’t as common as joints, although they’re more popular in some parts of Europe. Many users avoid rolling spliffs to avoid the harsh effects of smoking tobacco. However, it is a good alternative if you want a new way to smoke weed.

Rolling a Blunt

Another one of the best ways to smoke weed without a piece is to roll a blunt. A blunt is similar to a joint except that it’s made using cigar paper rather than regular rolling papers. There are also a couple of ways you can make one.

You can get blunt wraps to make a blunt from scratch. The method of making them is much like rolling a joint, although you may find it a little trickier. However, one of the most common ways to make a blunt is to take a cigar, hollow it out, stuff your weed in, and pack it tightly. Now you can smoke your potent cannabis cigar.

Some users prefer blunts to joints as they’re generally bigger and give you a stronger high. Plus, the use of cigar wraps which are made from tobacco can add to the high. You can also get hemp blunt wraps if you’d prefer to avoid the effects of tobacco.

Rolling a Blunt

Making a Homemade Pipe

Don’t have a piece? Don’t worry- you can make one using nothing more than household items. When you’re in a cinch and you need something to smoke out of, you can make some effective homemade pipes or bongs pretty easily.

The best option in terms of ease and effectiveness is the Water Bottle Bong. Take a water bottle, remove the cap, cut a hole in the side and add a tube (a pen tube works well). Now roll up some foil and put it at the end of the tube to use as a bowl, seal the hole around the tube, and add some water to the base. You’ll be surprised how well this works.

You can even make a homemade pipe out of an apple. Cut a hole in the top to use as a bowl and a hole in the side to use as a mouthpiece. The same applies to other foods such as pumpkins or bell peppers. If you’re creative, pretty much anything can become a tool for smoking weed.

Try Vaping

Smoking isn’t the only option. You might even prefer vaping. Vaping is a smokeless method of consumption which studies suggest is both healthier and gives you stronger effects than smoking weed. So what do you need to start vaping marijuana?

First, you’ll need to buy a Vape Pen. There are many different types of these and they’re often compatible with different products. Some vapes can be used with dry herbs such as weed. Others are designed for use with cannabis concentrates. Some also have interchangeable coils to use different products.

Many vape pens are compatible with vape oils or THC E-Juices. These give you a fast-acting, powerful high without any of the drawbacks of smoking. Not only do they give you the effects of marijuana, but they’re also flavored to give you delicious, potent, and smooth hits every time you vape.

Try Vaping


There are many ways to smoke weed without a piece. Sometimes all it takes is some rolling papers and a lighter. Sometimes you can grab some household objects and make a piece for yourself. Plus, you could always just opt for alternative methods of consumption such as vaping or eating edibles. 

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