How to Smoke Shatter: A Quick Guide

Users who want something stronger than weed but less overpowering than edibles often smoke Shatter. Shatter is one of many types of cannabis concentrates- products made by extracting THC from weed into a compact and potent form. It comes in a glass-like form that’s great for vaping, dabbing or even adding to a joint or bowl.

You can buy Shatter in various strains and it’ll give you the same effects you’d expect from smoking weed, only in a much stronger form. Due to its high concentration of THC, it only takes a small amount of Shatter for a powerful high, and you can enjoy it in many ways. Here’s a guide on how to smoke Shatter.

What Is Shatter

Cannabis Shatter is a potent cannabis extract that’s a favorite for many marijuana users. It’s made using an extraction process that involves separating the THC from weed using solvents. You’re left with nothing but pure and concentrated cannabis, hence why Shatter often has THC levels of 80% or higher.

It’s well known for its glass-like form which is easy to break apart or “shatter”. It’s also versatile. A small piece of shatter can be mixed into a joint, added to the bowl of a bong or pipe or used for vaporizing or dabbing purposes. Whichever way, it provides an extra-strong high that might take some marijuana smokers off guard.

While there are many types of cannabis concentrates available nowadays, Shatter is one of the most popular and widely available. It’s extracted from various marijuana strains, so whether you’re looking for strong indica, sativa or hybrid effects, it’s easy to find a strain of Shatter to suit your needs.

What Is Shatter

How To Smoke Shatter In A Joint

One of the ways you can smoke Shatter is by mixing it into a joint. You’ll need to mix it with some ground weed as Shatter alone won’t burn in a joint. However, it can be a great way to combine the effects of weed and shatter for a potent and interesting high.

Start by rolling a joint of weed the same way you usually would. Once you’ve added your ground weed, you can apply pieces of Shatter over the top. It’s best to only use small lines of shatter. That way, it’ll burn easily with your weed and won’t make your joint too overwhelmingly powerful.

Once you have your shatter mixed with your weed, roll up the joint the same way you usually would, light it, and enjoy. Keep in mind that adding shatter to your joint will make it significantly stronger. It’s best to smoke it slowly and stop when you feel high enough.

How To Smoke Shatter In a Bong/Pipe

Alternatively, you can also add shatter to the bowl of your bong and pipe. Much like with smoking shatter in a joint, you’ll have to mix shatter with weed before you use it with a bong or pipe. If you don’t mix it with herbs, it’ll melt into the glass and could end up damaging your bowl.

Simply apply your ground weed to your bowl then add small pieces of shatter on top. You can then light and inhale. Even a small amount of shatter will make your bong or pipe hits much more powerful, so be careful and take it one hit at a time.

Using shatter in a bong or pipe is another fantastic way to enjoy it. It’s straightforward and convenient and can give you a powerful high in a matter of minutes. Remember to use plenty of weed and avoid using too much shatter.

How To Vape Shatter

One of the best ways to enjoy Shatter is by vaping it. Marijuana concentrates work especially well with vaporizers. Not only will vaping your cannabis extracts give you stronger effects, but it’s also safer and easier than smoking them.

All you need to do to vape shatter is break off a small piece of your product and apply it to the chamber of your vaporizer. You can heat the shatter to a high temperature by pressing a button on your vape and then take long, slow draws to enjoy the THC-packed vapor. Vaping gives you stronger effects than smoking as well as bringing out more of the terpenoids of your shatter to make it more flavorful.

You’ll need a vaporizer or vape pen that’s compatible with cannabis concentrates. Some vaporizers are only designed for use with dry herbs like weed or vape oils, so make sure your vaporizer is compatible with shatter before you try to vape it. Fortunately, there are many vape pens designed for use with concentrates and even some with interchangeable coils for different products.

How To Dab Shatter

How To Dab Shatter

Dabbing is a method of consumption used solely for cannabis concentrates or extracts. You’ll need some special equipment, but dabbing brings out the full force of the high THC content of your concentrates. Dabbing shatter is ideal for users who want the strongest effects possible.

You’ll need a Dab Rig- a special kind of smoking device similar to a bong. Dab Rigs have a Dab Nail or Banger, usually made of Quartz, which you heat with a blowtorch before applying a dab of Shatter. It’s also useful to have a dabbing tool to break off a piece of your shatter and apply it to the nail.

Once you have everything you need, heat up your Dab Nail using the blow torch until it’s blazing hot. Once it’s hot enough, apply a dab of Shatter using your dab tool. The shatter will vaporize instantly, and you can then take a hit through the mouthpiece. Dab hits are much stronger than bong or vape hits, so be prepared for a hard-hitting high.

Where To Buy Shatter

If you want to enjoy the effects of Shatter, it’s not hard to get your hands on some. While Shatter can be found in some cannabis stores, the most convenient way to get quality Shatter at a great price is to buy Shatter online.

You can buy many different strains of Shatter. Whether you’re looking for Indica Shatter, Sativa Shatter or Hybrid Shatter, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Since Shatter has such high levels of THC, it costs much more per-gram than weed. However, you only need a small amount for a powerful high. When you buy online, your Shatter will be sent to you safely and discreetly for your peace of mind.


Shatter is a quality cannabis concentrate made using a solvent-based extraction process. The result is a cannabis extract with extra high levels of THC, perfect for users who want potent effects. You can smoke Shatter by mixing it with weed in a joint or bowl. Alternatively, you can vape or dab shatter if you have the right equipment.

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