How To: Juul CBD or THC

The ways to use cannabis keep on growing, and while some users prefer to stick to smoking weed, using a Bong, or using potent marijuana edibles, some users might want to learn how to Juul CBD or THC. 

Juuling is another word for vaping based on the popular Juul brand of vaporizers. Instead of using an empty chamber or 510 thread cartridges like many vaporizers, these devices use small pods filled with vape oil. 

While many Juul Pods are pre-filled with tobacco vape oil, there are easy to Juul CBD or THC if you want to experience the effects of cannabis in a fun and refreshing way. Here’s a guide on how to do it.

What is a Juul?

Over the past few years, vaping has become particularly popular as an alternative to smoking. Many people find that vaporizing flavored vape oils or e-juices is incredibly relaxing, and you can even get e-juices infused with THC or CBD if you want to get the effects of cannabis in vapeable form.

Along with the popularity of vaping, the term “Juuling” has also become popular. A Juul is a popular brand of vaporizers that use Vape Pods instead of regular 510 thread Vape Cartridges. Many people prefer these devices due to their stylish form and the small, convenient attachable pods they’re compatible with.

You don’t necessarily need a Juul device to enjoy Vape Pods. There are now many devices that have taken inspiration from the Juul and are also compatible with the same pods. You can now buy pre-filled CBD or THC Vape Pods to use with these devices or even fill the pods yourself.

Why Juul CBD

Why Juul CBD?

If you want to get the benefits of cannabis but don’t want to get high, then cannabidiol (CBD) is perfect for you. Interestingly enough, cannabis contains a wide variety of cannabinoids that work together to give your mind and body a range of effects and benefits. However, while THC is the only cannabinoid that gives you psychoactive effects, CBD can benefit your body without getting you high.

There are now many ways to use CBD, including convenient CBD Tinctures, tasty CBD Edibles, and CBD-infused Topical products such as Creams, Balms, and Lotions. All of these products can work well for a range of purposes, but you can also vape or Juul CBD if you want a particularly enjoyable and refreshing way to consume cannabidiol.

There are many benefits to vaping CBD. Many users enjoy using CBD Vape Pods merely for how relaxing and satisfying the experience of vaping is. It’s also one of the fastest-acting ways to consume CBD, as the cannabidiol in the vapor you inhale will reach your system almost instantly. Plus, you can find CBD E-Juices or Vape Pods in a variety of delicious flavors, making the experience of vaping CBD even more refreshing.

Why Juul THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the sole psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. In other words, this is the chemical that gets you high when you consume marijuana. THC binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body and brain to produce a range of effects, including heightening your senses, boosting your mood, and inducing deep relaxation.

Many people get the effects of THC simply by smoking marijuana. However, there are now many alternative methods of consuming THC. Some users use THC Edibles, Capsules, or Tinctures, but vaping THC is one of the best options out there. Just like CBD, you can Juul THC with the right products. 

THC Vape Juice offers a fast-acting and enjoyable way to get the effects of THC without the drawbacks of smoking. Plus, you can find flavored THC Vape Pods or even fill empty pods with your favorite THC E-Juices for a satisfying vaping experience.

How To Juul CBD or THC with Cannabis Juul Pods

How To Juul CBD or THC with Cannabis Juul Pods

One of the ways you can vape CBD or THC with a Juul is by using pre-filled cannabis Vape Pods. Vape Cartridges and Pods can be found in various strains and flavors so you can find one that suits your particular taste to use with your Juul. The best way to find them is to buy THC Juul Pods online.

Once you have a Juul Pod, using it with your device is easy. Start by attaching the Juul Pod to your device. Once the pod is connected, your Juul will automatically heat the Vape Oil inside until it’s ready to inhale. Once it’s ready, take a long, slow draw from the mouthpiece and enjoy the effects.

While Juul is the most popular choice of device for Vape Pods, you can also use Vape Pods with any similarly designed vape device that uses Vape Pods as opposed to 510 thread Vape Cartridges.

How To Juul CBD or THC with Empty Pods

Buying pre-filled CBD or THC Vape Pods is the easiest way to Juul CBD or THC. However, if you can’t get your hands on a Cannabis Juul Pod or simply want to use a different flavor or strain of Vape Juice with your device, there is another option.

You can Juul CBD or THC by filling an empty Juul Pod with your choice of Vape Oil or E-Juice. You can buy empty Juul Pods or Vape Pods online or in Vape Stores. After that, simply fill them up with your chosen Vape Juice using a dropper or pipette, seal them, and attach them to your device.

Your empty Vape Pods can be filled with any kind of Vape Juice you want, and you can find THC E-Juices online or even use the Vape Oil from Vape Cartridges. This is a great workaround if you want to use Vape Oils with your Juul (or similar device) but can’t find the pre-filled pod you want.


Vaping CBD or THC is one of the most convenient and satisfying ways to get the effects of cannabis. If you want to Juul CBD or THC, you can either buy pre-filled Cannabis Vape Pods or fill an empty Vape Pod with your choice of THC or CBD Vape Oil. Alternatively, you can also find various other cannabis and Vape Products online at CanadaCannabisDispensary.

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