How to Differentiate Between a Cannabis Joint, Blunt, and a Spliff

spliffs blunts and joints

Although smoking weed is a tradition that has been alive for centuries, people still find it hard to keep up with the ever-evolving terms. This is understandable, considering that new terms are constantly popping up every day. 

However, terms like joint, blunt, and spliff refer to specific cannabis products and should not be used interchangeably. Today, we look at the differences between these three products and how to identify them easily. 


What is a Joint?

A joint refers to a cylindrical or cone-shaped rolling paper that is filled with crushed cannabis flowers. It is a common product used by many cannabis enthusiasts. Joints can be bought from smoke shops or some cannabis dispensaries or made at home. Most consumers have perfected the art of making joints at home, and everyone has their unique method. For amateurs, there are numerous tutorials on how to make one online. A single joint can have around a third or half of a gram, depending on the size of the rolling paper and the consumer’s preference. 


What is a Blunt?

Just like a joint, a blunt is filled with cannabis on the inside. The difference is the kind of rolling paper used. Joints use papers made from hemp, rice straw, sisal, and flax. Blunts use tobacco papers or a cigar wrap that has been emptied of its content. 



What is a Spliff?

Like a joint, a spliff is made of rolling paper and may or may not have a tip/crutch/filter depending on the consumer’s preference. However, what’s inside a joint differs slightly from what is in a spliff. 

Spliffs are made by mixing cannabis and tobacco in equal amounts or having one product in higher quantities. This type of product is loved by consumers who like to combine the cannabis ‘high’ with the buzz and energy offered by tobacco. 



Differences in Size

A joint and a spliff use rolling papers; hence the size is similar. A blunt is slightly bigger and thicker compared to joints and spliffs. 


Differences in Taste

Joints take on the taste and smell of the cannabis strain inside the rolling paper. If the rolling paper is flavored, the taste will be a combination of this flavored paper and the strain of choice. Joints burn more quickly due to the light paper used as a wrap. If not wrapped well, the smoker might need to relight them from time to time. 

Blunts have a harsh taste and smoke that results from the burning of the much thicker wrapping paper. The tobacco wrapping of the blunt can sometimes overshadow the cannabis flavor, so you need to choose the right strain to balance the taste. Most people love them since they are large and can comfortably satisfy the needs of a veteran consumer or a group smoking session. 

Spliffs are a mixture of cannabis and tobacco; hence the taste is likely to lean more on the cigarette side. Depending on whether one uses flavored or unflavored wrapping paper, there may be additional but subtle flavors.  


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