How to Choose the Right Cannabis to Suit Your Purpose?

Today cannabis has a wide variety of uses. Research has shown legal usage of cannabis in Canada is rampant. At least 50% of the population has tried to use cannabis at some point in their lives. However, you should know that cannabis is a diverse plant that caters to the different needs of consumers. Different subspecies (Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids) are used for various reasons, some medical and others recreational. So, how can you pick the right strain and form of cannabis to suit your needs? Below is a brief guide on how to do this…

How to choose cannabis that fits your needs:

Doctor Consultation.

It is advisable if you are not sure on which cannabis brand to use, see a doctor to be appropriately advised on which brand to use. This applies to medical cannabis consumers. Not every strain is meant to be taken medically, and not all medical cannabis strains can work on a particular ailment. Taking to a doctor that has knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of the plants can help you pick the strain that will help you regain your health. 

doctor consult


How do you want to feel?

Cannabis products that contain THC cause a high feeling if that is what you are looking for. Cannabis with high THC also stimulates creativity and senses.

Cannabis products that contain CBD may help reap some of the medical benefits of cannabis (chronic pain, anxiety) without causing that high feeling.

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Consumption Tool.

There are numerous ways to consume cannabis: smoking or vaping and chewing or eating. Smoking or vaping is not the most discreet way to some people as smoking in public places is illegal, but its effects are felt within minutes. However, on the other hand, eating or chewing mainly edibles is a more discreet way, but it takes time between 30mins – 2hours before you can start feeling its effects.


Buy High-Quality Products.

Buy products that have been third-party tested. Third-party testing will help provide information about the concentration of THC and CBD. Every reputable company offers these reports alongside its products. 


Select the Right Dose.

Taking a too small dose may not have a noticeable effect, but taking a too high quantity may increase the symptoms you are trying to treat. For example, cannabis can treat stress, but it can increase anxiety and cause paranoia if the dose is too high. Smoking also sometimes can be harder to dose precisely. The secret behind cannabis dosing is starting slow and increasing the dose until you reach your ideal dosage.

cannabis dose


Where to buy cannabis in Canada. 

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