How Marijuana Affects Your Mind and Body

Marijuana is more readily available than ever. Adults all over Canada can now buy marijuana online in a few clicks, and there are also tons of strains, concentrates, and other marijuana-infused products to choose from. However, if you’re new to getting high, it’s important to know how marijuana affects your mind and body.

For the most part, using marijuana is a positive experience and can even have numerous physical and mental benefits. However, it’s important to use marijuana in moderation and there are some side effects you should be aware of. Here’s everything you need to know about the positive and negative effects of marijuana on the mind and body.

How Does Marijuana Work?

Marijuana is the term generally used for the dried and cured flowers of mature cannabis plants. These plants grow buds that contain a wealth of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. When ingested, these cannabinoids have various effects on your mind and body, hence why using weed gives you enjoyable euphoric effects.

Although it contains a range of cannabinoids, THC is the sole psychoactive chemical in marijuana. When you smoke or vape marijuana or use other marijuana-infused products, THC is absorbed into your system where it binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors, causing various reactions in your body, otherwise known as getting you high.

The other compounds in marijuana such as CBD, CBN, and CBG can also have effects on your body. Although these cannabinoids don’t produce a psychoactive high, they can interact with cannabinoid receptors in the body to help relieve pain, improve your sleep, reduce anxiety, and provide various other benefits. When these compounds work in unison, it provides an entourage effect that alters your high.

How Does Marijuana Work

How Marijuana Affects Your Mind

When you use marijuana, THC binds to cannabinoid receptors and activates the brain’s reward circuits. As such, you’ll experience a happy, euphoric high that can have various positive effects. Some users use marijuana to help with mental ailments such as anxiety disorders, depression, and chronic stress. Others simply enjoy the positive mental high it produces.

While different strains can produce different effects, marijuana usually makes you feel mentally uplifted. Research shows that cannabis can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression within a couple of puffs, leaving users feeling positive and motivated. It can also heighten your senses and make activities seem more fun.

Marijuana can sometimes sedate the mind, especially when high-THC strains are used. Many users find themselves feeling mentally hazy and dreamy after consuming marijuana. This can be useful for tackling insomnia. Other strains, especially sativa strains, can make you feel more mentally stimulated, creative, and focused. Either way, marijuana has a strong effect on the mind.

How Marijuana Affects Your Body

While marijuana is commonly used for the enjoyable cerebral high it produces, the physical effects are just as prominent. Marijuana helps relieve physical pain and tension and potent strains can even leave users feeling physically sedated and couch-locked. Medical users often use marijuana for the physical effects alone, although it’s just as enjoyable for recreational purposes.

THC can send soothing waves of relief all over your body. In most cases, your body will feel intensely calm and relaxed and you may even experience body tingles. Users looking to relieve chronic pain or simply take away aches and strains often find marijuana useful for the physical high it produces. It can also help relieve headaches, nausea, and physical tension in general.

Marijuana can also help improve your sleep. Many users use strong strains of marijuana as, in addition to calming the mind, the powerful physically relaxing effects can help counteract insomnia and make you fall asleep faster. Many users also find the physical effects useful purely for relaxation purposes.

Negative Side Effects Of Marijuana

Although marijuana has many positive effects on the mind and body, users should also be aware that it can have negative side effects. The powerful impact of THC on the mind and body can be uncomfortable in some cases, especially when you use high doses of marijuana or use strains with higher levels of THC.

The most common side effects of marijuana are dry eyes, dry mouth, and increased appetite (also known as the munchies). These are generally harmless and some users might even enjoy the increased appetite brought on by THC. However, you should prepare with snacks and water for when you feel dehydrated. You may also want to use eye drops.

In high doses, marijuana can cause more serious side effects such as nausea and vomiting. It can also impair your memory, mental function, and motor skills, although these effects will wear off as the high wears off.

Some users report feeling anxious or paranoid after heavy marijuana use. Although it can often help relieve mental issues in small doses, it can also exacerbate them in some cases. Marijuana can also worsen issues such as schizophrenia. If you find that marijuana frequently makes you feel paranoid or anxious, it’s best to avoid using it.

It’s best to know your limits and use marijuana in moderation. Although high doses of THC can cause unwanted side effects, most users don’t experience any negative effects when using marijuana responsibly and find the experience to be overwhelmingly positive.

Where To Buy Marijuana

Where To Buy Marijuana

If you’re looking to buy marijuana, the best approach is to buy it online. You can find high-quality products at great prices from What’s more, all products are available for convenient home delivery anywhere in Canada.

Plenty of cannabis strains are available. Indica strains are generally recommended for more body-focused effects whereas sativa strains are better for a stimulating cerebral high. You can also try out hybrid strains that give you a mix of both.

Alternatively, you might want to try other marijuana-infused products such as Edibles and Tinctures. These offer a unique and convenient way to get the effects of marijuana. There are also plenty of CBD products available for users who want the medical benefits of cannabis without getting high.


Marijuana affects your mind and body in various ways. In most cases, it’ll make you feel mentally uplifted and physically relaxed, although you’re also likely to experience some side effects such as dry mouth and the munchies. Marijuana can have negative side effects, but you’re unlikely to have a bad experience as long as you use it in moderation and don’t exceed your limits. Marijuana is legal to use for adults in Canada and you can buy it online from

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