Explaining the Standard Measurements for Weed (Gram to Oz)

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If you are new to the world of cannabis, then chances are that you are quite confused. You are tasked with the job of identifying the various strains available, the hundreds of compounds it contains, and the most confusing of them all: the math associated with the measurements of the product.

Weed is normally measured in terms of ounces. You can purchase cannabis in small amounts or in bulk. The bulkier the order, the lower the prices.


What Amount of Weed is Legal in Canada?

The general rule pertaining to cannabis consumption in Canada is that adults (19 and above or higher in some provinces) can legally possess up to 30 grams of weed.


What Are Some of the Measurements You Can Purchase Weed?

Gram or dime bag

A gram of weed also goes by the monikers dime bag, dub, or nick. It is the smallest quantity of marijuana one can purchase. A dime bag is perfect for anyone trying out marijuana for the first time, anyone experimenting with a new strain, or casual consumers.

This amount represents a thousandth of a kilogram, making it quite small. It is enough to make three small joints or it can be used on a one-hitter approximately five to six times.

An eighth of an ounce or half a quarter (3.5 grams)

An eighth is equivalent to 3.5 grams and is also referred to as slice, eify, or cut. Buying an eify is more economical than buying by the gram since the prices are significantly reduced.

The quantity is often considered the perfect amount of weed to purchase since you can use it for many days without worrying about it going bad. It allows you to leisurely consume your favorite strain.

You can compare its size to that of a kiwi, and you can easily make 6-8 average-sized joints.

A quarter of a joint or a quad (7 grams)

This is a substantial quantity of cannabis. It is twice as much as an eighth, which makes it equivalent to 7 grams.

When you purchase this size, you get to save more cash compared to buying two-eighths or a gram seven times.

You can make 12 to 15 joints with a quad, which can last two weeks to a month.

Half an ounce or half a zip of weed (14 grams)

Half a zip of weed belongs to the big leagues. It is equivalent to 14 grams and can last you longer (more than a month) compared to the other quantities mentioned above.

You can make 30 – 35 joints with half an ounce, depending on how small or big your joint is. This quantity is also referred to as half-O, half an O, or half a zip.

An ounce or zip of weed (28 grams)

An ounce is the limit for most countries when it comes to legal weed. It is the maximum amount of cannabis one is allowed to possess at a given time.

With a zip of weed, you can make 70 to 100 joints, depending on their thickness and length. You can also refer to it as a lid.

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Take Away

Now that you know about the different measurements for weed, it will be easier to pick the size that fits your needs. This will depend on how frequently and how much you smoke.

An eighth is ideal for casual consumers and anyone trying out a new strain. When you become more used to consuming weed, you can start with an quarter and work your way up. Always ensure your weed is properly stored to maintain freshness.

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