Dosing Marijuana Edibles: What You Need to Know

Marijuana edibles are perfect for anyone who wants to get the effects of THC in the form of a delicious snack. These marijuana-infused foods can come in a wide variety of forms from Gummy Bears to Brownies, and all of them will give you a sensational high that can last for hours on end. However, it’s important to be careful when dosing marijuana edibles.

Taking edibles isn’t like smoking weed. The effects are significantly stronger and last much longer. Even a seemingly small dose can give you very strong effects, and if you accidentally take too much, you could find yourself having a bad trip for many hours. Fortunately, it’s not hard to avoid negative side effects as long as you know what to expect. Here’s a guide to dosing marijuana edibles.

What You Need To Know About Dosing Marijuana Edibles

Before you take marijuana edibles, you’ll need to know how to take an appropriate dosage. Edibles are much stronger than other methods of consumption and, as such, it’s much easier to accidentally take too much. Although the right dosage will differ depending on the kind of effects you want, there are some general rules to follow.

It’s best to start with a low dose of edibles, even if you’re experienced with marijuana. Once you get used to the effects, you might want to try higher doses gradually. However, since the effects are much stronger, you need to be careful. Most beginners start with a dose of around 10mg THC and raise it by 5-10mg when they’re ready.

You should also know that edibles won’t hit you instantly. Studies show that marijuana edibles usually take around 30-90 minutes to kick in. Once they hit you, the effects will peak at around 2-3 hours after consumption but can last for anywhere from 4-12 hours. The onset and duration of the effects can vary based on your metabolism and the kind of edibles you take.

Dosing Marijuana Edibles For Beginners

Dosing Marijuana Edibles For Beginners

If you’ve never taken marijuana edibles before, it’s especially important to dose carefully. The effects are much more powerful than other methods of consumption and you’ll need to start with a low dose to avoid unwanted side effects. Fortunately, most edible products make it easy to get a small serving.

The best marijuana edibles dosage for beginners is around 10mg THC. This will give you strong effects, but it won’t be too overwhelming. Make sure you take edibles in a safe and comfortable environment and only use them when you’re in a positive mindset.

Many edibles, such as THC Gummies, come in servings of 10mg, making it easy to get a sensible dose. Some edibles contain significantly more THC, and you may want to split them into smaller doses to ensure the experience isn’t too overwhelming. You might want to have a sober friend around the first time you take edibles to ensure you feel comfortable.

Dosing Marijuana Edibles For Experienced Users

Once you’re experienced with marijuana edibles, you might want to start trying higher doses. While even a small dose of edibles can give you powerful mental euphoria and physical relaxation, taking more can enhance the effects further. With that said, you should increase your dose slowly.

Even if you’re an experienced marijuana user, you should start with a dose of 10mg the first time you use edibles. If the high isn’t too strong for you, then you might want to increase it to 20mg. Once you get used to 20mg, you might want to increase your dosage again by 5-10 mg.

Since edibles usually come in small servings, it’s easy to gradually increase your dosage over time and experience stronger effects. However, make sure you increase your dose very slowly- taking too much too quickly can result in a bad trip.

Microdosing Marijuana Edibles

Keep in mind that the goal of using marijuana edibles isn’t necessarily to get high. While some users will enjoy the powerful psychoactive effects that edibles produce, others enjoy using them for subtle benefits.

Microdosing is a common approach to taking marijuana edibles. This involves taking a small dose of less than 10mg THC. 2.5-5mg is a good range, but you might want to go higher or lower depending on your tolerance and the kind of effects you want. 

When you take a microdose of edibles you won’t feel too overwhelmed by the effects. A small dose can enhance your senses and boost your creativity and mental focus without a strong psychoactive high. This allows you to remain productive and alert while still getting the perks of THC. Some users even take a microdose every few days to reap the benefits.

Dosing Marijuana Edibles For Medical Users

Dosing Marijuana Edibles For Medical Users

It’s also worth noting that the best marijuana edibles dose for you can also vary if you’re using them for medical purposes. THC can have many therapeutic effects- it can reduce severe pain, relieve anxiety and stress, and even help you sleep. Edibles can help with all of these things too, but the right dose will vary depending on the severity of your symptoms.

If you’re simply looking for mild relief for things like stress, pain, and headaches, a microdose of 2.5-5mg should work fine. If you want stronger relief, a dose of 10mg can handle most cases of chronic or severe pain as well as helping reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and helping you sleep better.

Going higher may be worth it if you have severe symptoms and lower doses don’t help, but be careful. Taking too much can increase your anxiety and result in other unwanted mental and physical side effects. As long as you’re smart and responsible, edibles can help with a range of symptoms.


Edibles are one of the most fascinating types of marijuana products, but they need to be used with care. If you’re a beginner, make sure you don’t go above 10mg THC the first time you take edibles. If you get used to the effects and want a stronger dose, slowly increase it by 5-10mg each time. You can also try microdosing if you only want subtle effects.

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