Don’t Know How to Roll a Joint? Here’s How to Roll a Joint in 5 Easy Steps

Smoking is the traditional way of consuming cannabis. Although there are numerous other ways to enjoy weed, a majority of cannabis enthusiasts prefer doing it the old-school way. However, it is not an easy procedure, as most people would assume. Rolling a joint requires patience, technique, and perfection. If you are new to the cannabis world and have a hard time rolling a joint, you can use the easy-to-follow procedure below. Soon you will be doing this with your eyes closed. Let’s begin 



Before beginning, you need to assemble everything you will require to roll a joint. You will need;

  1. A gram of your favorite cannabis strain (this amount can make about three joints)
  2. Grinder (if you don’t have one, use your hands, scissors, or homemade grinders to break the cannabis into small pieces)
  3. Rolling papers (can be made from hemp, flax, rice straw, sisal, and others)
  4. Crutch or filter 
  5. Rolling tray 
  6. Any long, cylindrical-shaped item, such as a pen or chopstick 


How to Roll a Joint in 5 Easy Steps:

1st Step: Break Down the Cannabis

weed grinder

A grinder helps break down the cannabis evenly, resulting in a smooth smoke. If you don’t have a grinder, use your fingers and ensure that you don’t interfere with the trichomes during the process of removing the inessentials like seeds and the stem. 


2nd Step: Make the Filter/Crutch/Tip

how to make a joint filter

Filters are put at the tip of the joint to reinforce the mouthpiece, promote airflow, and reduce the likelihood of burning the lips. They also make it easier to hold and use the joint during consumption. A crutch can either be bought from smoke shops or can be made at home. If you already have one, go to the next step. 

Make a half or three-quarter-inch wide rectangular-shaped crutch from a thick piece of paper. The size will depend on whether you are making a regular-sized joint or using king-size papers. To prevent any cannabis from reaching the mouth, fold almost the entire piece of paper into an accordion shape. Use the remaining straight part of the paper to cover the accordion part.


3rd Step: Fill the Rolling Paper with your Favorite Cannabis Strain

Take the rolling paper and place it on the rolling tray with the non-adhesive side facing you. Place the tip/filter on the side of the joint you intend to have the mouthpiece. Gently pour the cannabis as you evenly distribute it across the joint. Ensure that the joint is not overstuffed with cannabis. 


4th Step: Roll the Joint

You are almost done! It’s time to roll the joint. Using your thumb and index finger, roll the joint into a cylindrical shape. You can go back and forth to ensure there is an equal distribution of cannabis. Ensure that it is neither too loose nor too tight, as these two factors may interfere with the quality of your smoking session. There may be bits of cannabis that will fall off, but that shouldn’t be an issue; you can pack them back afterward. After rolling the joint, you can now seal the joint.


5th Step: Seal the Joint, Lit it up, and Enjoy 

how to roll a joint 2

Take the adhesive side and lick or wet it and then gently seal it starting from the mouthpiece to the other end of the joint. At this point, you can take the cylindrical-shaped item of your choice (pen, chopstick) and add the cannabis that fell while rolling the joint. 

When finished, you will notice that you are left with a bit of extra paper at the other end of the mouthpiece. Twist the paper and seal everything inside. You are done! It’s now time to lit your joint and enjoy your favorite strain. 


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