DIY Recipe: Marijuana Infused Topical for Pain Relief

If you’re looking for a unique way to get the benefits of marijuana, then you might want to try a marijuana-infused topical. Also known as Cannabis Topicals or THC Topicals, these are topical products that have been infused with the cannabinoids in marijuana, giving you one of the most interesting methods of administration.

These products come in many forms. For instance, you can find Creams, Balms, Lotions, and even Bath Bombs infused with marijuana. What’s more, these products work differently from other marijuana-infused products. While most marijuana products give you the psychoactive effects of THC, topicals don’t. Instead, they simply absorb THC into the skin where it can act on receptors and help with issues such as pain and skin inflammation.

Although topicals aren’t the ideal choice for everyone, they can help in many situations. Medical users who aren’t looking to get high but want to apply the analgesic properties of marijuana directly to a specific area of the body often use topicals. While you can simply buy marijuana topicals, you can also try making them yourself. Here’s a guide to topicals along with recipes to try at home.

What Are Marijuana Topicals?

Marijuana comes in many different forms today. While smoking weed is still incredibly popular, every user users marijuana for different purposes and, as such, some prefer other methods of consumption. Users who want stronger effects often use Marijuana Concentrates or Edibles for a harder-hitting high. Those who want convenience often use Tinctures or Capsules. However, Topicals are one of the most interesting and unique types of marijuana products out there.

Topicals can come in many forms, including Creams, Balms, Lotions, and many more. These are products that can be topically applied to the body to get the benefits of marijuana. In most cases, all you have to do is to take a small dab of your chosen product, rub it into the area of your body where you want the effects, and allow time for it to absorb.

Unlike most marijuana products, topicals don’t get you high as they don’t reach the bloodstream or brain. However, they can still be useful for various purposes. Most commonly, marijuana-infused topicals are used for pain relief. However, some users also find them useful for alleviating skin problems and reducing inflammation, especially as they come with extra ingredients designed to soothe and improve your skin.

How Do Marijuana Topicals Work

How Do Marijuana Topicals Work?

While marijuana products come in many forms, most of them offer different ways to get the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Marijuana Tinctures, Edibles, Vapes, and Capsules can all get you high, whereas Marijuana Topicals are the exception to the rule. So why do Topicals work so differently to other products?

Marijuana Topicals come in various forms, but they’re usually used simply by direct application to the skin. For instance, if you want to get the benefits of cannabinoids for a sore knee, you could simply rub some Marijuana Cream into your knee. The THC in the Cream is absorbed into your skin and interacts with cannabinoid receptors under the skin.

The difference is that, while these cannabinoids reach cannabinoid receptors in the skin, they don’t reach your bloodstream or brain. As such, you won’t feel high and won’t experience the psychoactive effects of THC. While this naturally makes them useless to users who want to get high, they’re particularly useful for medical users who want medical benefits without getting high or experiencing the side effects of THC.

There is one exception. THC Patches are a type of topically-applied marijuana product that you place on a venous area of the body- usually the skin. The THC from these patches is pushed into the skin and absorbed into your veins. As such, the THC also makes its way around your bloodstream to the rest of your body and your brain, giving you the psychoactive effects of THC. It’s slow-acting and gives you a mild high, but it’s useful for medical users who want a long-lasting dose of THC.

Should You Make Marijuana Topicals Yourself?

Marijuana Topicals are incredibly versatile. Whether you prefer products like Creams and Lotions, something unique such as Lip Balm or Body Spray, or even something to add to your bath such as a marijuana-infused Bath Bomb, you have plenty of options. Many of these can simply be bought in stores or online. However, making topicals yourself allows you to customize them even more.

Some marijuana-infused products can take a while to make, especially as you generally need to go through a lengthy process of decarboxylating weed and binding it to oil. However, Marijuana Topicals can be very quick and easy to make, especially when you use THC oil to make your favorite types of skin products.

Not only is it quick and easy, but making Marijuana Topicals yourself allows you to customize them however you want. If you want a mint-flavored marijuana-infused Balm, then you can make one. If you want to try a different scent, that’s no problem either. You can even decide how strong your topicals will be depending on how much THC you add to the mixture.

Anyone can make a DIY Marijuana Topical and you’ll be surprised how satisfying the results are. You’ll just need a few basic pieces of equipment and you can make a marijuana-infused topical product in no time. If you’re curious about how topicals are made or just want a fun project, then it’s worth trying.

What You Need To Make Marijuana Topicals

What You Need To Make Marijuana Topicals

If you want to make a marijuana-infused topical at home, you’ll need to pick up a few things first. There are many different types of topicals and what you’ll need depends on what you’re making, but crafting a basic Marijuana Salve only requires a few easy-to-find ingredients and some basic pieces of equipment.

Marijuana Salve can be made using beeswax and cocoa butter. These ingredients are organic and friendly for your skin, so they’re perfect for combining with cannabinoids to create an easy-to-absorb cannabis topical. If you’re vegan, you may want to substitute beeswax with an alternative such as candelilla wax or soy wax. You can also use shea butter instead of cocoa butter.

There are a few ways you can infuse your topical with marijuana. For instance, the cannabinoids of marijuana can be extracted by decarboxylation marijuana and infusing it into butter. However, the quickest and easiest way to add THC to your topical is to use THC Oil or Tincture. It mixes well with topicals and makes it easy to add your desired dosage of THC.

You may want to infuse your topical with your favorite scents. The best way to do this is by adding essential oils. Not only do these add a pleasant scent to your product, but they can also add extra benefits. Commonly used essential oils include peppermint, lavender, and lemon oils. Generally, it doesn’t take too much of these to make topicals smell great.

Not much equipment is needed to make a satisfying marijuana-infused topical. You’ll need a double boiler, a spoon or pipette for extracting the finished product, and some small containers for storing your topical.

DIY Recipe: How To Make Marijuana Salve

While there are many types of marijuana-infused topicals you can make at home, Marijuana Salve is one of the best options. It’s quick and easy to make and can be used all over your body when you want pain relief. What’s more, it’s made with natural ingredients and can benefit your skin in many ways. Here’s a recipe for Marijuana Salve.


  • 8 teaspoons of THC Oil or Tincture
  • 2 teaspoons of Organic Cocoa Butter
  • 2 teaspoons of Organic Beeswax
  • Essential oils (optional)

Step 1: To start, you’ll need to heat a double-boiler for melting and combining your ingredients. Place your double-boiler on medium heat. If you don’t have a regular double-boiler, you can make one by placing a glass cooking bowl in a saucepan filled with hot water.

Step 2: Allow your double-boiler to reach a simmer without boiling. Once it’s hot enough, add your cocoa butter and beeswax to the top part of the double-boiler. The heat will melt these ingredients, which you can then stir to combine.

Step 3: Next, you can add your THC Oil or Tincture. While you can experiment with the strength of your Marijuana Salve, a dose of around 8 teaspoons of THC Oil generally works well. Stir the oil into the mixture thoroughly.

Step 4: Once all ingredients are thoroughly blended, you can begin to extract your Marijuana Salve into containers. It’s best to store topicals in small, sealable glass containers. You can use a spoon or pipette to fill your containers with your salve and wait for them to cool.

Step 5: While you’re waiting for your salve to cool, you can also add scents. A few drops of essential oils can add a pleasant scent to your salve. However, this step is optional. Once your salve has cooled, seal your containers and store them in a cool, dry place.

Can You Add CBD To Marijuana Topicals

Can You Add CBD To Marijuana Topicals?

THC isn’t the only beneficial cannabinoid. Many topicals are also infused with CBD. CBD is short for cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis that has become extremely popular for medical users who want to avoid getting high. Since CBD has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s often used in topical products.

Adding CBD to your topicals is easy. If you want a topical that contains both THC and CBD, simply follow the recipe above and add both THC Oil and CBD Oil. You can either use the same amount of both or experiment with different ratios.

If you want a pure CBD topical, making one is just as easy. Once again, follow the same recipe but instead of using THC Oil, simply substitute it with CBD Oil. This will give you a satisfying pure CBD Salve that you can apply directly to your skin.

Whether you use CBD or THC won’t make too much of a difference. Both of these cannabinoids are said to have various beneficial properties and, combined with ingredients such as cocoa butter, beeswax, and essential oils, the finished product can be excellent for your skin. 

What’s more, whether you use THC or CBD, your salve will not make you high or give you any psychoactive effects. You also won’t experience any negative side effects as the cannabinoids will not reach your bloodstream. You might want to experiment with both or even make a batch of each.

Where To Buy Marijuana Topicals

While it’s easy to make marijuana-infused topicals at home, some users might not want to go through the hassle. Making marijuana topicals is great if you want to have more control over the strength and scent of the product, but you can also simply buy high-quality topicals if you don’t feel like making them.

Topicals are now available in many cannabis stores. You can also buy Cannabis Topicals from online dispensaries. Topicals can be found in many forms, such as Creams, Balms, and Lotions. You also have a choice between CBD and THC Topicals.

Of course, topicals aren’t your only option. Users who want to get high may want to try other marijuana-infused products such as Edibles or Vape Juices. You might also want to buy Tinctures, either to use by themselves or to infuse them into other products. If you’re not looking to get high, you can also find a wide range of CBD Products.

Where To Buy Marijuana Topicals


If you want a way to apply the effects of cannabinoids directly to the body without getting high, you might want to try Marijuana Topicals. These products can simply be rubbed into the area of your body where you want relief for pain, inflammation, or skin issues. They also come in various forms such as Creams, Salves, Balms, and Lotions.

While this recipe can give you a satisfying Marijuana Salve, you might want to skip the process and simply buy a Marijuana Topical to test it out. You can also try other products such as Edibles, Tinctures, Vapes, and a range of CBD Products. All of these and more are available online at CanadaCannabisDispensary.

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