CBD Isolate User Guide

When you don’t want to get high but still want to consume cannabinoids for their host of potential benefits, taking CBD is a perfect choice. CBD is short for cannabidiol- a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that can be found in various strains of weed as well as hemp plants. Popular examples of CBD products include CBD Tinctures, Edibles, and Topicals, but CBD Isolate is one of the best choices if you want pure CBD.

CBD Isolate usually comes in the form of a powder or crystals of pure CBD. It’s much purer and more potent than most CBD products, containing over 99% pure cannabidiol in a highly-concentrated form. While it might not seem as user-friendly as CBD Tinctures or Edibles, CBD Isolate is exceptionally easy to use and, what’s more, you can use it in many ways. Unsure how to use it? Here’s our handy CBD Isolate user guide.

How To Use CBD Isolate Under The Tongue

Although there’s a variety of enjoyable and effective ways to use CBD Isolate, many users opt for the simplest method of consumption- taking it sublingually. Much like CBD Tincture, you can apply a dose of CBD Isolate powder under your tongue and hold it there to absorb the cannabidiol into your system.

You’ll first have to measure out your desired dose of CBD Isolate. Since CBD Isolate contains 99% cannabidiol or higher, a single milligram will give you around 1mg of CBD. As such, you simply have to measure your isolate with a kitchen scale to determine how much CBD is in your dose.

Once you have enough, simply apply it under your tongue and hold it there for around 30-90 seconds. The cannabidiol from the powder will swiftly be absorbed and make its way around your system. This method is ideal when you need a no-hassle way to take CBD Isolate, although it’s not necessarily the most enjoyable.

How To Use CBD Isolate With Food

How To Use CBD Isolate With Food

Applying CBD Isolate under the tongue might be quick and simple, but some users might find it unpleasant since the powder is bland and tasteless. If you want a more pleasurable way to use CBD Isolate, you might want to take it orally. It can be infused into all kinds of foods to make consuming it more enjoyable.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t try to cook with CBD Isolate- high temperatures will degrade the cannabidiol and ruin the product. However, you can add CBD Isolate to your food after you’ve finished cooking. Simply sprinkling your desired dosage on top of your food and mixing it in can work.

The best way to infuse CBD Isolate into your food is to add it to some kind of liquid. For instance, you can mix a dose of CBD Isolate into some sauce and it’ll quickly dissolve and disappear. It also works well with soups and salad dressings. That way, you’ll get a healthy dose of CBD without even noticing it in your meal.

How To Use CBD Isolate With Drinks

Adding CBD Isolate to drinks is arguably an even better way to use it. Since the powder can easily be mixed into all kinds of liquids, adding it to some kind of beverage is the perfect way to get your daily dose of CBD while still making it enjoyable to use.

For example, you might want to add a dose of CBD Isolate to your morning tea or coffee. Simply measure your dose, add it to your cup, and stir thoroughly. Alternatively, you might want to mix it into a smoothie or juice. You can even make CBD Cocktails with CBD Isolate.

Much like adding CBD to your food, this method is great for enjoyability as well as being convenient. You won’t notice the CBD in your drink and you can add an extra dose of CBD to all kinds of refreshing beverages.

How To Use CBD Isolate In Oil Form

Since CBD Isolate mixes with liquids well, you might simply want to use it with CBD Oil or Tincture. There are a couple of ways that you can do this- you can either add some CBD Isolate to a bottle of CBD Tincture or you can make some yourself from scratch.

Making a bottle of CBD Tincture Oil is as simple as adding a gram of CBD Isolate to a dropper bottle along with around 20ml of MCT Oil. That gives you 1000mg of CBD in a single bottle, and you can add more or less oil depending on the ratio you want. MCT Oil is a highly effective carrier oil that makes it easy to absorb CBD into your system.

Of course, adding some CBD Isolate to an existing bottle of CBD Tincture is even easier. Simply measure the dose you want to add, funnel it into your bottle of CBD Tincture, screw the lid back on, and shake thoroughly. You’ll now have an enhanced bottle of CBD Tincture with a higher concentration of cannabidiol.

How To Use CBD Isolate In Oil Form

Where To Buy CBD Isolate?

Buying CBD Isolate is worth it for pretty much any CBD user. Whether you prefer to use it sublingually, add it to foods, make refreshing CBD beverages, or even make CBD Oil with your CBD Isolate, it can be used in so many ways. Plus, you get plenty of CBD in each jar, giving you plenty of value for your money.

You can buy CBD products online from CanadaCannabisDispensary, including CBD Isolate. LiT CBD Isolate is a crystalline powder that contains 99% cannabidiol extract. It’s effective, odorless, and you can use it however you want. It only costs $25 for 500mg of CBD Isolate or $45 for 1000mg.

If CBD Isolate isn’t for you, there are plenty of other CBD products on offer. For instance, you might want to try CBD Tinctures, CBD Edibles, or even CBD Topicals. All of these products and more are available for convenient home delivery across Canada.


CBD Isolate gives you pure and potent CBD in powder form. You can apply it under your tongue, add it to foods or drinks, or even use it to enhance other products such as Tinctures and Topicals. Whichever way, it’s one of the best CBD products you can buy. You can find CBD Isolate and plenty of other CBD products online at CanadaCannabisDispensary.

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