CBD Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

Users who want to consume cannabinoids without getting high often use CBD instead of marijuana. Although CBD can be found in many strains of marijuana, it’s now commonly extracted from cannabis and hemp plants for use in a range of easy-to-consume products such as CBD Oils, Edibles, Vape Products and more. But how much should you take?

The right CBD dosage for you depends on various factors. Users with larger body weights might need more than lighter users, and some users may want to increase their dosage depending on what they’re using CBD for. While there are no official guidelines on how much CBD to take, there are various reports and studies which give us some idea. Here’s a guide to CBD dosages.

How Much CBD Should You Take?

CBD is now easier to buy and use than ever. There are all kinds of products that make it easy to measure out a generous dose of CBD for quick and easy consumption, from CBD Oils to CBD Capsules. However, with no official recommendations on CBD dosages, many users may be confused about how much CBD to take.

Realistically, there’s no right or wrong CBD dosage- what works for one user may be too little for another user. You may want to experiment with dosages and see what works best for you. It may also depend on what you’re using CBD for and how you feel your body reacts to it.

There have been many studies on how different dosages of CBD can help. For instance, a study on using CBD for social anxiety found that a single dose of 600mg of CBD was helpful whereas another study on using CBD for anxiety and sleep suggested that taking 25mg a day can also work well.

Some studies even show that taking high doses each day can be helpful for some users. For instance, clinical trials on using CBD for epileptic seizures found that using 20mg per kg of body weight per day yielded the best results. However, users using CBD simply as a daily supplement will likely not need as much.

What’s The Ideal CBD Dosage

What’s The Ideal CBD Dosage?

The ideal CBD dosage for you depends on various factors. Some users may want to take more depending on what they need CBD for and users with higher body weights may need more CBD than users with lower body weights. It can also depend on how your body responds to CBD. 

If you’re taking CBD for general reasons, it’s best to start with a daily dose of around 25mg of CBD. This is plenty for most users, and it’s easy to take it each day without using up too much CBD.

Most users find that taking CBD daily is the best approach. This way, CBD can build up in your body over time. You can also take more than one dose a day or take it multiple times a day if you need more CBD. Keep in mind that CBD doesn’t make you high like THC and you might not feel much at all from using CBD.

What If You Want To Take More CBD?

If you feel like you need more CBD, it’s easy to increase your dosage. You can take as much CBD as you want until you feel satisfied, although you may not want to waste too much CBD at one time.

The best way to increase your CBD dosage is to simply take more each day. For instance, if you’re taking a daily dose of 25mg of CBD a day and feel that you need more, you may want to raise it to 30mg a day for a week. If you still feel you need more, try raising it to 35mg a day after another week.

Alternatively, you might want to try taking multiple doses of CBD each day. For instance, instead of a single 25mg dose of CBD each day, you might want to take two 15mg doses per day. That way, you can ingest cannabidiol consistently throughout the day. Fortunately, you can take high quantities of CBD safely so you can increase your dosage as much as you’d like.

Can You Overdose On CBD?

CBD is safe to use in all quantities. It’s impossible to overdose on CBD, so users who want to take high doses daily shouldn’t suffer from any issues from using large amounts of CBD. One study found that up to 1500mg of CBD per day was found to be well-tolerated by humans.

One of the main benefits of using CBD is that it has no serious health risks or potential for abuse. A report on the safety and side effects of CBD noted that it has a very high safety profile. Although some users may occasionally experience side effects, these are limited to minor effects such as diarrhea, tiredness, and changes in mood or appetite.

What’s more, CBD is non-addictive, so you can take it daily without worrying about developing a dependency. You also won’t suffer from withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it. It’s very safe to use for people of various ages and health backgrounds, so you won’t have to worry about taking it too much or too often.

Best Ways To Use CBD

Best Ways To Use CBD

There are various safe and effective methods of taking CBD. The most popular way to take CBD is by using CBD Oil- a liquid product that allows you to measure out a dose of CBD-infused oil and place it under your tongue. Hold it there for 30-90 seconds and the CBD will be absorbed into your system.

You may also want to try CBD Edibles. These come in the form of tasty snacks such as Gummies and Candies, each containing a generous dose of CBD. Simply measure out how many you want and eat them. CBD Capsules make it similarly easy to get a consistent daily dose of CBD without any hassle.

Vaping CBD is another option. There are various CBD Vape Oils, Vape Cartridges and even Pre-Filled CBD Vape Pens that make it easy to get a good dose of CBD. These come in various flavors to make the experience even more enjoyable. No matter how you prefer to use CBD, you can buy CBD products online.


The right CBD dosage can vary depending on your body and what you’re using it for. However, if you’re unsure of how much to take, start with 25mg of CBD a day and increase it as you see fit. Taking a daily dose of CBD is a great approach and with no health risks or potential for abuse, you won’t have to worry about any issues developing. You can find CBD products online at CanadaCannabisDispensary.ca.

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