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5 Best Cannabis Infused Drinks And How To Make Them

5 Best Cannabis-Infused Drinks And How To Make Them

Cannabis DIY projects can be tons of fun. For instance, you can learn how to make basic cannabis-infused butter and use it for all kinds of psychoactive recipes. You can also learn how to make cannabis topicals. But if you’re looking for another fun project, try making some of the best cannabis-infused drinks. Mixing cannabis […]

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Are Marijuana Infused Alcoholic Drinks a Good Idea

Are Marijuana-Infused Alcoholic Drinks a Good Idea?

New ways to use marijuana and the cannabinoids within it are cropping up all the time from vaporizing weed to using marijuana-infused edibles- not to mention the wide range of CBD products now available on the market. However, one of the most interesting trends to emerge recently is marijuana-infused alcoholic drinks. With the widespread popularity […]

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Weed Tea Complete Guide

Weed Tea: Your Complete Guide

The ways to use marijuana keep on growing, and while you may have tried tasty weed edibles such as THC Gummies and Chocolate Bars, Weed Tea is by far one of the best ways to enjoy the effects of cannabis. It’s refreshing, potent, and there are many ways you can make Weed Tea right at […]

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