Buying Cannabis Online vs in Person

For four years, Cannabis has been legal in Canada. There are numerous ways one can acquire their favorite cannabis products, such as in-person, ordering online, or simply growing a few plants indoors. All this freedom comes with legalization. The question remains, which is the best option to get your weed. As a novice consumer, you probably don’t know the ropes too well. This piece will act as a guide as to which method between buying cannabis online and in-person is best and why it is. 

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Online Purchase

This is when you order your product through the internet from a website and get your product delivered wherever you had ordered from.  Most websites are easy to use and usually require easy steps to complete your transaction. As a consumer, you will visit the site, select your preferred products, check out, provide your personal and billing information, and then sit and wait for the products to be delivered to your doorstep.


In-Person Purchase

In-person purchase is where the stores or dispensaries selling cannabis products sell their products physically to clients. Clients have to identify the stores or dealers and go in person to buy the products physically. Most retail shops or dealers prefer purchases to be done in cash.

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Which is Best?

To determine the best, we need to examine the pros and cons of each method. 

Pros of Purchasing Cannabis Online:

  • Online purchases protect sales of cannabis products to underage persons, as age verification is mandatory before making your order.
  • Online purchases are essential as they provide wide product selection and information. It is not always easy to find all products in the retail shops compared to the internet.
  • Online purchases will provide you with the privacy, time, and freedom to check your product brand and make your final decision.
  • Online shops offer fair and competitive prices in the market compared to buying in person from dealers or retail shops where prices fluctuate at any moment.
  • Your online products are guaranteed legal as the online websites and dispensaries meet strict rules set by the government and follow federal laws hence offering transparency about cannabis products.
  • Buying from legal stores helps fight the illegal selling of marijuana. 

Cons of Purchasing Cannabis Online:

  • Most shipping companies still view cannabis as an illegal product under federal law. As a result, these shipping companies are not ready to ship products from cannabis dispensaries.
  • Online orders and deliveries for CBD products are only convenient in states that have legalized cannabis usage. If you are a state client that has a ban on cannabis, then it will not be possible.


Pros of Purchasing Cannabis in Store:

  • You get to see the product before the purchase
  • You enjoy personalized service
  • In person purchases offer instant gratification
  • You can get product information clarity from the budtenders

Cons of Purchasing Cannabis in Store:

  • You have to take yourself physically into the store
  • There are chances that you might reach the store and find out they don’t have the particular strain or product you are looking for
  • Getting swayed away from your original choice by the store’s staff
  • You will have to queue before getting served
  • Tiresome and impossible to compare different stores’ pricing  
  • The time you spend going to and from the store could have been utilized in some other ways



It depends on your preference, although online shopping does have more advantages and is more convenient. As mentioned previously, both have their advantages and disadvantages and making a choice ultimately boils down to your personal preferences and time availability. You have to make your decision based on factors like price, convenience, health, and accessibility. Do you have a local dispensary near you? Then maybe you wouldn’t mind going there and buying weed in person. Do you live in a remote location where dispensaries are scarce or non-existent? Then Perhaps buying cannabis online is your best bet!


Buying Cannabis Online in Canada

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