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Welcome to Canada’s third largest city – Calgary Alberta, home to the Calgary Flames and well-known for its close proximity to the Rocky Mountains. But Alberta’s largest city isn’t just famous for its attractive tourist spots such as the Prince’s Island Park or its wide collection of skyscrapers. Thanks to its booming economy, it’s also one of the best places to live in and a really fun place to smoke your pot.

At Canada Cannabis Dispensary we understand that everyone needs to kick back and relax every now and then, and whether you’re out enjoying a Calgary Stampers game or just out exploring the natural landscape, we’ve always got you covered with just the right weed products to suit your buds.

Thanks To Mail Order You Can Now Enjoy Some of the Best Weed In Calgary, AB

When it comes to buying medical marijuana in Calgary there isn’t a safer or more convenient way to do it than by ordering online. Think about it, the convenience of buying weed online with just the click of a button. It definitely beats trudging out in the cold bitter Calgary snow to the nearest cannabis dispensary which may not even stock your favourite variety.

Thankfully, at Canada Cannabis Dispensary, we give you access to a wide range of premium marijuana products including Flowers, Concentrates, Vape Pens and Edibles. As a Calgary resident or someone living in the wider province of Alberta, you can now enjoy your favourite strain of cannabis conveniently delivered to your doorstep. And that’s not all. When you place your order with us we provide free shipping through Canada post, meaning your package is continuously tracked making losses in transit near impossible. Simply put, our online dispensary provides one of the safest and securest shopping experiences you’ll ever undergo when purchasing goods online.

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Fun Places to See In Calgary As You Savour Those Buds

There’s tonnes of stuff you can do in Calgary once you lay your hands on that weed. For starters, the city boasts a brilliant arts community and plays host to plenty of festivals each year. So if the thought of watching a great movie while on cloud nine grabs you, why not pop into the Calgary International Film Festival held every year during fall. Or if your preference is music, then the Calgary Folk Music Festival may be just the thing for you. After all, what better way is there to have a good time high than by listening to some calm relaxing folk music? Then again there’s always the Calgary Comedy Festival that’s guaranteed to have you laughing non-stop once the weed takes effect. Whatever your favourite scene is, whether it’s the museums or spectator sports like the rodeo show at the Calgary Stampede, then you’re definitely covered while visiting Calgary.

Relish Our Wide Variety of Cannabis Products

Our wide assortment of cannabis products ensures you’ll never have a dull moment while out and about in this great city. Take for example our edibles which come in all kinds of varieties including candy, chocolate bars, cookies, rice krispies, drinks and butter, to name a few. We also pack them in a different serving sizes ranging from 5mg Microdosed Gumballs to potent 80mg Rock candy. If vaping is more of your thing, you can also try out our more discreet products like our sleek LiT Vape Pens to go with your hiking trip or visit to the Casino.

How Does Buying Cannabis Online Work?

  • Create your free member account. You must be 19+ and located in Canada. We are very strict on this policy and there are no exceptions, we don’t sell to minors.
  • Choose products from our Online Shop  and then add them to your cart. You can always see your cart by clicking the cart icon on the right-hand side of the top menu bar.
  • After you have reviewed the products in your cart click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button in the bottom right corner of the cart page.
  • Once you’ve filled in all the required fields, double check your shipping details to make sure your package arrives at your correct address. Then select your payment method (Interac e-Transfer or Bitcoin) then click “Place Order” once you’re ready.
  • Once you place an order, you will see a receipt of your order with instructions on how to pay and complete your order. An email receipt will also be sent to your member email.
  • Once we receive your order, verify photo ID (19+), and accept the Interact e-Transfer payment, we will process your order and mail it Canada Post XpressPost with tracking number. Orders will be processed and shipped out within 2-3 business days. Once shipped, your expected delivery date is 1-3 business days. Canada Post does not ship on weekends or holidays.

Why Use Our Mail Order Marijuana Service in Calgary?

As Canada Cannabis Dispensary we’re more than happy to provide the folks residing in Calgary and the wider Alberta region with the best way to buy weed online- our highly reliable mail order marijuana service. So the next time you feel like lighting up or munching on something to keep you buzzing while out with your friends, remember your favourite brand of kush is just a mouse click away.

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