Best Weed Strains for Back Pain

While many people use weed just for the fun recreational effects, there are also plenty of medical marijuana users who find it therapeutic for their symptoms. Common uses include reducing anxiety and depression and tackling insomnia, but the most popular medical use of marijuana is to relieve all kinds of pain and aches, including chronic back pain. So what are the best weed strains for back pain?

When it comes to reducing pain and inflammation, indica strains are most renowned for their physically therapeutic effects. With that said, there are plenty of hybrid strains that are good for relieving pain and even some sativa strains do the job well. No matter which kind of strain you prefer, here are some of the best weed strains for back pain.

Blue Dream

As far as versatile medical marijuana strains go, Blue Dream is one of the absolute best. It’s a cross between Blueberry and Haze with a delicious, fresh berry taste and THC levels usually around 17-24%. With a ratio of 60:40 sativa to indica, this strain offers the best qualities of both.

When you use Blue Dream, you’ll experience an invigorating head rush that’ll lift your mood and make you feel much more mentally focused and creative. Meanwhile, it also provides one of the best body highs, with soothing tingles that take away all kinds of aches and strains. It’s great for counteracting back pain, as well as many other physical and mental ailments. 

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Blue Dream


Chemdawg is a beautifully balanced hybrid with genetics around 55% indica and 45% sativa. As such, you’ll get the best of both worlds when you use this strain. It’s one of the most popular marijuana strains out there as it provides a highly enjoyable recreational high in addition to a bevy of helpful medical effects.

If you’re looking for relief for back pain, Chemdawg is always a good choice. It produces a dreamy body high that soothes you all over, making it perfect for tackling all those nagging aches and making you feel incredibly physically relieved. The euphoric cerebral effects are also great for counteracting issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

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Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 or GG4 is one of the many popular strains in the Gorilla Glue family, created by crossing Sour Dubb and Chem Sister. With a 70% sativa-dominant profile, it’s much more stimulating than other GG strains. However, it still retains the powerful physical effects Gorilla Glue strains are known for, especially with its ultra-high THC levels.

In addition to invigorating your mood, creativity, and mental acuity, GG4 will also provide potent physical relief. The body high is ideal for counteracting chronic pain of all sorts, whether you’re dealing with neuropathic pain or recurring backaches. It can also help with headaches, nausea, appetite, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and various other issues.

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Shishkaberry, often also known as “The Kish”, is a cross between The Red and Blueberry strains. It’s a strong indica-dominant cross that’s known for its sweet berry and grape taste, as well as its great effects.

While the high from Shishkaberry starts with a smooth boost of mental focus and energy, the strong indica effects soon work their way in. It’s a relaxing and sedating strain which offers full-body physical relief. You’ll feel free of any pains, aches, and physical tension. However, you may also find yourself glued to the couch in a state of euphoric bliss.

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Mataro Blue

Mataro Blue

Mataro Blue is an indica-dominant strain which packs high THC levels, often reaching up to 24%. With a fruity and herbal taste, it’s easy to enjoy smoking or vaping this delicious strain. It’s also a strong medical marijuana strain, especially due to its intensely relaxing physical effects which are prime for tackling pain and inflammation.

A few hits of Mataro Blue will swiftly send soothing tingles throughout your body. These calming effects will work their way from your head and your neck further down your body to provide relief for pain and physical tension all over. In addition to helping with all kinds of chronic pain, Mataro Blue also helps with depression, stress, lack of appetite, and insomnia.

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Master Kush

With two Cannabis Cup awards to its name and vouched for by Snoop Dogg, Master Kush is one of the most well-loved indica strains. It gives you a hard-hitting, body-focused high that’s ideal for relaxation and physical relief. The effects reach all over your body fast, easing you of any nagging pain or inflammation.

In addition to being one of the best weed strains for back pain, Master Kush is known as one of the best medical strains in general for its strong therapeutic properties. It can help with anxiety, migraines, muscle spasms, nausea, and insomnia due to its sedating and relaxing effects.

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Holy Grail

Holy Grail is a brilliant 50/50 hybrid strain that gives you an incredibly smooth and calming high. Despite fairly high THC levels, the effects of Holy Grail are perfectly manageable without ever feeling too overwhelming. It calms both your mind and body for a luxuriously enjoyable high.

It’s a good strain for counteracting pain relief due to the relieving physical effects it gives you. It’ll also help with other physical ailments such as aches, strains, and migraines. The head high is also helpful for taking away any stress or anxiety in an instant.

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Rockstar Kush

Rockstar Kush

Rockstar Kush is a hybrid straight out of British Columbia which crosses two perennially popular marijuana strains- Rockstar and Bubba Kush. It’s a strongly indica-dominant strain with a ratio of about 75% indica to 25% sativa, hence why it’s great for pain relief.

Using Rockstar Kush will produce a heavy body high that tackles all levels of pain, inflammation, and physical tension. You’ll likely begin to feel couch-locked and sedated as time goes on, and you should also expect the munchies to hit you hard. In addition to the physical effects, it also gives you a blissful head high which is ideal for relieving stress and anxiety.

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