Best Summer Cannabis Strains

How many cannabis strains are there? It’s tough to pinpoint the exact number. This is because new strains keep popping up every day, each with its unique characteristics. Thanks to favorable laws in Canada, diversity is possible, and cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy a strain or more for every occasion. So, what are your plans this summer? Thinking of incorporating some cannabis into your plans?

Warm and bright days characterize summer, and they provide an excellent ambiance to blow some smoke while still making memorable memories with friends and family. What are the best summer cannabis strains? Choosing the ideal strain can be a challenging task, and that’s why Canada Cannabis Dispensary has compiled a list of five of the best strains. Check them below…

Summer Cannabis 2


Ghost Breath Strain

Do you need something to get you off the couch and moving this summer? Try Ghost Breath. This strain will have you up and about in no time. Does the name depict a strain that is overpowering and probably dangerous? Don’t let the name fool you. Ghost Breath is one of the best strains around, offering classical flavors and a high that is nothing but memorable. 

THC levels are usually between 24% and 27%. Expect a sudden boost in energy levels, creativity, positivity, and motivation that is later replaced by a non-sedating body high that is likely to end up in a deep sleep in high doses. 


Gelato AAAA Strain

Gelato is a beautiful strain that mixes vibrant orange-hued pistils, green leaves accentuated by purple undertones, and a thick layer of resin droplets. Lit up this strain on a beautiful summer day and enjoy its positivity and mood-enhancing capabilities. 

One of the many aspects that make Gelato a sought-after strain is its flavor. The sweet and blueberry taste will keep you yearning for more. Be careful though, the THC levels average 20%, and a higher dose might trigger unwanted effects. Although this strain is slightly Indica at 55%, it neither has sedating or couch-lock properties. 


Death Star AAAA Strain

Sometimes, all we want is to relax our body and mind while enjoying the day at the beach or on a hiking expedition. This indica dominant strain offers the ideal summer vibes with its almost perfect cerebral and body stimulation balance. 

The THC levels range between 18% and 27%, making Death Star a very potent strain that should be taken in moderation. This hybrid is the perfect recreational and medical choice to take this summer. With a high concentration of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, be ready for a unique experience. 


Jack Herer AAAA Strain

Jack Herer is the ideal daytime strain to take this summer. With a high characterized by happiness, positivity, energy spike, creativity, and euphoria, there is no going wrong with this hybrid. Be ready for fun, memorable days. 

The flavor is earthy, woody, and spicy, with hints of citrus and pines. Jack Herer is quite a potent strain with THC levels averaging 23%. Lit up this strain during the summer and honor the great cannabis enthusiast it is named after.  

Summer Cannabis


Lemon G AAAA Strain

Lemon G offers flavors and aromas that go hand in hand with summertime vibes. With a lemon, spicy, and earthy flavor, this strain will feel 100% fitting to any activity you decide to engage in. This hard-hitting strain with THC levels of 23% will have you feeling energetic, euphoric, creative, and uplifted within minutes of taking the first toke. 


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