Best Concentrates for Dabbing

If you want something that gets you higher than smoking weed but isn’t quite as overwhelming as cannabis edibles, then cannabis concentrates are a perfect choice. These are high-potency products extracted from weed which contain extra high levels of THC- often over 90%. As such, it only takes a small piece or “dab” of your chosen extract to give you an extra strong high.

You can mix concentrates with weed in a joint or the bowl of your bong or pipe. You can also use them in certain vape pens, as long as they have a coil or chamber that’s compatible with concentrates. However, the most powerful way to get high with concentrates is by dabbing- a method which involves using a Dab Rig to produce incredibly powerful hits from concentrates. So what are the best concentrates for dabbing? Here are five to consider.

1. Shatter

Shatter is easily one of the most popular cannabis concentrates on the market. You’ll be able to find various strains of shatter in cannabis stores and you can even buy shatter online. It gets its name from its solid, glass-like form. It’s thin, amber, and will shatter apart if you apply a little bit of pressure, making it easy to get a small dab for use with a Dab Rig.

Dabbing with Shatter is a great way to get extremely strong effects. Shatter strains generally contain around 80-90% of THC, with some going even higher. As such, a single dab can hit you hard and fast with intense psychoactive effects and potent relief for various medical symptoms.

There aren’t many drawbacks to using Shatter, although it may be a little strong for beginners. It’s easy to dab with, highly potent, and widely available. You can also determine the kind of effects you’ll get by choosing between indica shatter, sativa shatter, and hybrid shatter.


2. Budder

Budder is another top choice when it comes to dabbing. Budder is much softer and more malleable than Shatter, often appearing buttery in form. It’s also closely related to Batter- a similar kind of concentrate which is extra pliable and looks and feels a little bit like cake batter.

You’ll enjoy dabbing with Budder or Batter, especially as the soft texture makes these concentrates especially easy to scoop a dab from. You won’t need to apply much pressure with your dabbing tool to break off a potent dab. Apply it to your heated dab nail and your concentrate will instantly vaporize, giving way to a smooth and potent hit.

Much like Shatter, Budder is a fairly common concentrate which you can find in many forms. The effects of your Budder will depend on what kind of strain it’s extracted from. Whichever kind you choose, you can expect strong effects and a concentrate that’s especially easy to scoop and dab.

3. Distillate

THC Distillate is one of the most unique and purest concentrates you can use. While most concentrates are either creamy, sugary or solid in form, Distillate is like potent, THC-packed oil. Its smooth liquid consistency also makes it one of the best concentrates for dabbing.

While most concentrates are made using solvents, Distillates remove the need for solvents and simply involve a complex distillation process to remove all impurities and contaminants from marijuana till you’re left with pure THC. Distillates often reach as high as 90-99% THC content, making them one of the purest concentrates.

Distillates usually come in small syringes which make it extra easy to use them. Just apply some to your heated dab nail and get ready to inhale. The distillate will vaporize instantly, giving you an intense hit. Interestingly, you can also add Distillates to food, drink, and vape products.

Live Resin

4. Live Resin

Live Resin is another concentrate known for its high purity and unique extraction process. Making Live Resin involves freezing fresh cannabis before extracting it using a solvent-based extraction process. Not only does Live Resin retain high THC levels, but it also retains much of the terpenoid profile of the plant its extracted from.

You can find Live Resin in a variety of forms, but it’s usually soft and sugary, making it prime for scooping up with your dabbing tool and vaporizing on your dab nail. With potent levels of THC, you can expect hard-hitting effects with every hit of Live Resin dabs.

Another unique bonus of Live Resin is that it gives you some incredibly flavorful hits. Most concentrates lose most of the terpenoid content through drying, curing, and the extraction of marijuana. By flash-freezing fresh marijuana before extraction, Live Resin retains the essential oils which add to the flavor of each strain, resulting in great-tasting dabs.

5. Rosin

Not to be confused with Resin or Live Resin, Rosin is another concentrate that’s especially easy to make. You can even make Rosin at home using nothing but a bit of weed and a hair straightener. The solventless extraction process is straightforward and still results in some amazing extracts.

To make Rosin, put your weed between two pieces of parchment paper and squeeze it between a hair straightener. The heat and pressure will cause Rosin to be extracted. Rosin can vary in its consistency depending on the kind of strain you use- some Rosin extracts will be oily and runny whereas others are a little more stable.

Not only is Rosin easy to make, but it’s also easy to dab. Heat your Dab Nail thoroughly then apply a small dab of Rosin. With plenty of flavor and strong effects, it’s another one of the best concentrates for dabbing.



These are some of the best concentrates for dabbing, but you can also try out other options such as Sauce, Wax, Butane Hash Oil, and more. To dab, you’ll need to invest in a Dab Rig and a blow torch to heat your dab nail. However, if you don’t mind spending the money, it’s the best way to enjoy the potency of cannabis concentrates.

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