Baby Boomers vs Millennials in Cannabis Consumption

The term ‘Baby Boomer’ refers to anyone born between 1946 and 1964, while ‘Millennials’ is a collective term for any persons born between 1981 and 1996. 

Baby boomers grew up in an era where cannabis was considered illegal. In the ’60s and ’70s, there was widespread rebellion against laws prohibiting the use of cannabis in the United States and Canada and cannabis consumption was rampant. Individuals found a certain appeal in defying the laws. Millennials however, were exposed to weed culture throughout most their lives as it was popularized in mainstream culture through music, movies, books, and magazines. Since cannabis use was (for the most part) normalized for the millennial generation it comes as no surprise that so many millennials have integrated cannabis use into part of their daily lives and routines.

Millennials grew up watching their parents (baby boomers) advocating for the legalization of cannabis. During the ’80s, marijuana consumption in Canada had significantly reduced, and the laws remained strict. Anyone found consuming or in possession of weed was subjected to harsh penalties and fines.

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There is a big difference, not only in terms of age, between these two generations but also their ideals, values, and lifestyles are completely different. This can be seen in their choices when it comes to; 

  • Urban vs rural dwelling (Millennials overwhelmingly prefer an urban lifestyle)
  • Financial decisions 
  • Career and education
  • Marriage and children 

These differences aside, it is interesting to look at how these two totally different generations view and consume cannabis. Below, we look at some of the aspects of marijuana consumption that each group prefers. Let’s begin…


Recreational vs Medical use of cannabis

A large majority of baby boomers use cannabis for medicinal purpose to relieve conditions like arthritis, chronic pain, sleep disorders, nausea, and migraines. The rest enjoy some Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains with friends recreationally.

Most millennials seek recreational enjoyment from cannabis. Millennials use cannabis to liven up social activities and tend to enjoy it socially and in group settings more so than their Baby Boomer counterparts.

A commonality that both generations share is that both generations see the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of cannabis since both generations are known to use cannabis as some form of relief from and discomfort.


Which generation consumes more cannabis?

Millennials can consume cannabis daily, or more often than baby boomers. The plant has become integral in their routine since it is incorporated in different aspects of their lives. Are you studying for a test? There is a strain that can help with focus; experiencing social anxiety? There is a strain for that too.  

Despite millennials taking weed more, baby boomers are more inclined to take the plant early in the morning. This is because consuming marijuana in the morning ensures that their symptoms are dealt with throughout the day.


Preferred method of consumption

Both generations prefer inhalation over other methods. This includes pipes, joints, and vaping. For concentrates, the preferred method is dabbing. 

Baby boomers prefer capsules more compared to millennials. This method allows for safe dosage and an easier way to take cannabis. 

Take away

Marijuana use is prevalent among both generations. In fact, a majority of baby boomers and millennial consumers prefer medical-grade cannabis over pharmaceutical drugs. Cannabis is non-addictive, safe, natural, and effective in alleviating a myriad of conditions. 

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