A Guide of the Best Edibles of 2020

Edibles are one of the best ways to enjoy the effects of marijuana. Not only do they taste delicious, but they also give you a powerful high that lasts for many hours. Beginners should stick to a dose of around 10mg and consider that it takes around 30-90 minutes for edibles to kick in. However, once they do, you’ll experience sensational effects for hours on end.

Another great thing about edibles is that they come in all kinds of varieties. Whether you enjoy Gummies, Baked Goods, or even Drinks, there are many delicious marijuana edible products that you can buy right now. Canada Cannabis Dispensary stocks a range of high-quality edibles available for delivery across the country. So which should you buy? Here are some of the Best Edibles of 2020.

Ed N’ Bills Gummy Candy Edibles

Ed N’ Bills are one of the best brands around when it comes to cannabis edibles. Not only do they make delicious-tasting products, but you can rely on them for a sensational high every time. And while they have plenty of options to choose from, these Gummy Candy Edibles are one of the most popular choices.

Each pack of Ed N’ Bills Gummy Candy Edibles gives you 200mg in total, split into 20 pieces each containing 10mg of THC. As such, it only takes one piece to get you high, although experienced users may want to try two at a time. Various options are available, including Gummy Bears, Neon Worms, Peach Rings, Coke Bottles, and many more. Plus, each bag is only $29.

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Boost Edibles Gummies

Another one of the best choices if you’re looking for tasty THC-infused candies is the Boost Edibles Gummies. These tasty treats come in a tin so it’s easy to store them for a long time. Whenever you want a powerful psychoactive high, just take one of the 10mg THC Gummies and reseal the tin.

Each tin contains 15 gummies, so you’ll get a total of 150mg of THC in each tin. What’s more, each tin costs just $25, giving you incredible value for your money. Boost Edibles Gummies come in numerous flavors, including Cherry, Sour Watermelon, Green Apple, and even a Sour Lemon CBD option.

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Boost Edibles Gummies

Keyy Cards Liquid Shots

While most edible marijuana products come in the form of candies and baked goods, you should also try refreshing marijuana-infused drinks. These work just like THC-infused foods, only you drink them instead of eating them. And if you want an easy way to make THC drinks, use these Keyy Cards Liquid Shots.

Keyy Cards Liquid Shots comes in two options. Users looking to get high can use the Orange Tangerine Dream 30mg THC packs whereas users looking to avoid psychoactive effects can use the Grape Punch 20mg CBD shots. Either way, all you have to do is to add the pack to 250ml of your favorite beverage and enjoy the results. Each shot costs just $5 and can even be split into two doses.

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Munchin Edibles THC Rice Krispies Square

If you enjoy the sweet yet crunchy taste of Rice Krispies Squares, then you need to try them with the effects of marijuana. These Munchin Edibles THC Rice Krispies Squares are just as delicious as they are powerful, giving you a dose of THC in the form of the popular cereal-inspired snack.

Each square costs just $8 but, with 50mg of THC inside, you’ll get plenty of value for your money. It’s best to split it into quarters (or even smaller servings) so you can get multiple strong doses. If you want a little extra flavor, Munchin Edibles also make Oreo Rice Krispies Square or you could even try their Mini Rainbow Rice Krispies Squares.

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Munchin Edibles THC Chocolate Chip Cookie

Another one of the absolute best edibles of 2020 is these Chocolate Chip Cookies from Munchin Edibles. Although Gummies and Candies are a good option for getting a quick and easy dose of THC, chewy, doughy cookies always hit the spot when you’re looking for a delicious marijuana-infused treat.

These Chocolate Chip Cookies taste good, look good, and give you a whopping 50mg of THC. You might want to split your cookie into halves or quarters for a lower dose. Whichever way, you’ll easily get your money’s worth. These cookies provide great effects and cost just $8 each. Make sure you store them in a cool, dry place when you’re not using them.

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Munchin Edibles THC Chocolate Chip Cookie

Greengold Dazy Honey

Most edibles come in the form of readymade snacks that you simply have to eat up and enjoy. However, if you want a creative way to add the effects of marijuana to your favorite foods, then you might want to try Greengold Dazy Honey. You can add it to ice cream, yogurt, drinks, or pretty much anything else for a sweet taste and sensational effects.

Each jar of Greengold Dazy Honey contains a whopping 400mg of THC for just $35, so you’ll get plenty of use out of it. There’s also a 3:1 CBD-THC option, giving you 300mg of CBD and 100mg of THC for a milder high. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a creamy cocoa and hazelnut spread, try Greengold Coco Haze.

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Bliss Peach THC Gummies

Last but not least, these Bliss Peach THC Gummies are another one of the Best Edibles of 2020. These gummy candies are infused with a delicious fruity flavor, so each one is incredibly enjoyable to eat. However, you won’t need to eat many- even a single 20mg THC gummy will give you a long-lasting high.

Each pack of Bliss Gummies contains 10 pieces, each containing 20mg of THC. As such, you’ll get 200mg of THC in each tin. Each pack costs $29, so you won’t have to pay much to get high over and over again. Plus, if Peach doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can also try their Tropical and Watermelon THC gummies.

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