7 Tips on How To Be a Responsible Cannabis Consumer

With power comes great responsibility. Weed has been legal in Canada for recreational and medical use since 2018. This means that consumers have the ability to turn cannabis consumption into a positive culture that encourages responsibility, etiquette, and mindfulness or tarnish the culture. This piece explores 7 tips on how you can be a responsible cannabis consumer and spread positivity on this highly beneficial plant.


1. Take the Correct Dosage to Avoid Adverse Side Effects

The amount of cannabis you consume determines whether you are a responsible user or not. Too much consumption will result in adverse side effects, which are best avoided. The best way to know how much you should use is by starting slow and increasing the amount gradually because moderation is essential

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2. Adults Only 

Cannabis use by children is termed irresponsible except for medical patients; therefore, it should be limited only to adult use. Responsible consumers encourage young people to grow into responsible adults, showing this in their actions. Always store your cannabis out of children’s reach and avoid consuming in front of them, as they tend to emulate adults’ behaviors. 

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3. Be Mindful of Other People

Other people may not value cannabis as you do; therefore, you should adhere to public laws on consumption and guiding standards of courteousness and liking of those who don’t use the drug. If you have to smoke or vape cannabis, only do it in designated areas. 


4. Avoid Driving

Although most experts consider Cannabis to be safe, consumers should not run vehicles or similar risky machines. The immediate operation of such types of equipment after using cannabis may increase your risk of getting into an accident by 25 to 35 percent. Although cannabis is not as dangerous as drugs like alcohol or heroin, it does cause impairment that can largely affect coordination and prompt response. 

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5. Fight Abuse

Consumers should not consume weed to a level where their health and personal growth are compromised. The harmful consumption of the drug should be rebuked. While cannabis does not have addictive properties, it is possible to develop a tolerance to the plant. This means that one has to take a dose higher than what they are used to to experience similar effects. Always take reasonable doses at a reasonable interval. 


6. Do Not Use Cannabis While Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Cannabis usage affects the well-being of your child. Research shows that the use of the drug when pregnant or breastfeeding causes the child to be underweight during birth exposing them to health problems in the first year. In addition, it damages the growth and development of the baby’s brain

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7. Set and Setting

Responsible consumers keep their morals, attributes, feelings, and the surrounding environment in mind. They are keen on the timing and the place on whether to consume or not. Always ensure that your mind frame and environment are conducive to cannabis consumption. 


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