4 Misconceptions About Buying Your Weed Online

Since weed became legal across Canada in October 2018, it’s become extremely widely available across the country. Many people across the country now have access to local cannabis stores where they can pick up all the weed, concentrates, oils, and other cannabis products they need. Alternatively, you can also buy weed online.

Many users have concerns about buying weed online- is it a scam? Can you get delivery even if you live in a rural location? You’ll probably be surprised to find out just how safe, efficient, and practical buying weed online is. It’s arguably even better than buying in-store for most users. Here are 4 misconceptions about buying weed online and the truth behind them.

1. Buying Weed Online Is Safe and Discreet

One of the most common misconceptions about buying weed online is that it’s unsafe or a scam. However, buying weed online is both safe and discreet. You can protect your privacy while getting all of the products you need without any hassle whatsoever.

It’s important to make sure you buy from a reputable, trusted seller. CanadaCannabisDispensary.ca offers a legit service, with customer reviews available for products as well as an easy way to get in contact with any problems. As such, you can rest assured that you’ll get your weed safely.

Buying weed online can even give you more safety and discretion. Each order is sent out using discreet, smell-proof packaging. No one will know what you’re having delivered and all of your details will be kept private. Canada Post has a long-running history of delivering weed safely and reliably, and Canada also has laws that ensure that your packages can’t be tampered with.

There are still some limitations. For instance, you’ll need to be over 19 and provide proof of age. However, when you buy online from a trusted seller, you can rest assured that your weed will make it to you reliably.

You Can Get Weed Delivered Anywhere In Canada

2. You Can Get Weed Delivered Anywhere In Canada

Some users may believe that they won’t be able to get weed delivered to their address. Many consumers in small towns and cities across Canada don’t have access to local cannabis stores and might believe that weed isn’t available to them. However, one of the greatest benefits of buying weed online is that you can get weed delivered anywhere in the country.

Whether you live in a major city or a rural location, you can order weed online for delivery. What’s more, every order from Canada Cannabis Dispensary is sent out with express shipping no matter where you live in Canada. Most users can expect their products to make it to them within 1-3 days, and you’ll also get tracking so you can see exactly where your weed is.

Buying weed online is the only option for some consumers who live in areas without any cannabis stores. However, it’s also the best option for many users regardless of where you live. Ordering weed online for delivery often gives you more convenience, better prices, and more of a satisfying customer experience overall. No matter where you live, you can get reliable weed delivery to your address.

3. You Still Have To Prove Your Age To Buy Online

Buying weed online is extremely convenient for everybody. However, as quick and easy as it is, you’ll still have to adhere to Canada cannabis laws. That means you’ll need to provide proof of age to ensure that you can legally buy weed. Younger users won’t be able to circumvent laws by buying online- you’ll usually still need to show a photocopy of your ID to prove you’re of legal age.

What’s more, buying online is often restricted to users aged 19 and over. Even though users can buy weed from 18 years old in Alberta and Quebec, many online dispensaries only sell to users aged 19 and above.

Fortunately, it’s usually very easy to prove your age before you buy weed online. Unlike cannabis stores where you have to queue up and show your ID each time, buying online makes the whole process simple. Most online dispensaries will only need you to show a picture of your ID when you sign up. After that, you’ll be able to buy weed as much as you like, as often as you like without having to prove your age again.

Buying Online Gives You Even More Choice

4. Buying Online Gives You Even More Choice

With many cannabis stores currently offering a limited selection of strains and products, you’d be forgiven for believing you couldn’t find much more online. However, in contrast, you can find an enormous selection of high-quality products when you buy weed online. You also have plenty of options when it comes to quantities and weed alternatives.

All your weed needs are fulfilled when you buy weed online. Whether you’re looking for indica, sativa or hybrid strains, there’s a huge selection of both popular and niche strains to choose from. You can also choose to buy a small quantity to try strains out or buy in bulk- you won’t need to worry about buying too much since it’s delivered straight to your home.

Weed isn’t all that’s available online, either. Users looking for something stronger can choose from an impressive range of Concentrates and Edibles. Vape Juices are also available for vape enthusiasts. Users who want purely therapeutic effects without getting high can also buy CBD products online.

Not only are all of these products available for convenient home delivery, but you’re also likely to find much better prices than you would in stores. You can also get great deals when you buy in higher quantities, giving you even better value for your money.


Buying weed online is the best way to get your weed. Not only can you find a wider range of products, but you can also check out product descriptions and reviews to make sure you’re getting top-quality cannabis. You can get all of the strains you want delivered to your address, as well as other products such as Edibles, Vape Juices, Concentrates, Tinctures, and more.

While some might believe that buying online is unsafe or takes too long, it’s actually extremely safe and reliable. CanadaCannabisDispensary.ca offers a safe and trustworthy service so you can get all of the cannabis products you want delivered to your home discreetly with express shipping.

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